Strange, inadvertent flavor combinations

We’re probably all aware of the tongue-killing horror that comes from drinking orange juice right after a tooth-brushing.

Less horrible: Just now, I had a sip of Maker’s Mark (“At 4:30 on a Thursday, Lux?” “When he ain’t got no job, may a man not take his pleasures in the late afternoon, if he whishes?” “Of course, Lux. You are wise and terrible.” “Quite.”). Just before the bourbon, I’d killed a goodly portion of a tube of Thin Mints. Turns out that liquor+chocolate mint cookies=Scope (makes sense), but like, manly, woody Scope. The Scope that Clint Eastwood probably gargles with.

'Twas strange, and unexpected.

So tell me of the new and exotic taste sensations you’ve encountered by inadvertently mixing two foods that Nature never intended to be enjoyed simultaneously.

Or, you know, take pity on this OP, which is probably interesting only to me, and post your favorite theories about the nature of God or something, so that I don’t sink onto page two with 0 replies.

Well, I think chocolate and soda pop together makes a particularly nasty(almost moldy tasting) combination.

I did, quite by accident, discover a secret ingredient for deviled eggs. I had mixed up a batch of the stuff to stuff into the eggs, ya know, egg yolks (boiled eggs of course), a little mustard, pickle relish, little salt and pepper, little bit of minced garlic, some paprika, the usual, when I discovered I had forgotten to add some dried dill (which I like in deviled eggs). I reached up to open the cabinet where the spices were, just above where I had the deviled egg mixture, to get the dill, and accidently knocked a jar of honey, which didn’t have the lid on tight, into the egg mixture. The result was, some honey got into my deviled egg mixture. Damm! I thought. I just f**ked up my eggs and here I need to get em done to take somewhere. Well, I added the dill, glopped the mixture into the boiled egg whites and went on my way. The results…yum! It was just a little bit of honey, heck, probably not more than a teaspoon in a mixture for 24 deviled eggs but by damn, it was good! I got lots and lots of compliments on my deviled eggs. Ever since, I always add a bit of honey to the mixture.

My little contribution to inadvertent flavor combinations.

Vegemite and honey together are very yummy.

Mustard on gingersnaps is heavenly.

Pasta and sour cream. No sauce, just sour cream. Simply divine!

I love mustard (plain boring yellow mustard) on pepperoni pizza. I don’t remember how I came up with it, but I started doing it years ago and it is absolutely yummy.

I have also started an extensive collection of honey mustards from different fast food restaurants. Honey mustard makes everything taste good. The latest thing I discovered - I made quesadillas as home, with chicken grilled in oil with a bit of taco sauce mixed in. All I had was mozzarella shredded cheese and some munster, so I diced the munster up and mixed it with the mozzarrella. I added some McDonald’s spicy honey mustard and it was some good eatin’.

I don’t know if this is strange, exactly, because maybe I’m slow on the uptake. If you mix a little Creme de Cacoa alcohol in your morning coffee, it’s a nice way to start the day. Creme de Menthe works well too.

If you drink coffee (sans liquor) with half and half and then smoke a cigarette, you get a really peculiar taste - like you ate moldy hay and washed it down with a squirt from a cow udder.

Okay, maybe they aren’t so strange, but I wanted Lux to stay on page 1.

Fun pop combinations:
Dr. Pepper + Root Beer. Very sweet, kinda like a root beer float
Coke/Pepsi (I prefer coke for this + Ginger Ale. Coke with a kick!

Other stuff:
Whipped cream+ teriyaki sauce. My brother and I were over at a friend’s house and he (my bro) asked me if I would eat a big bowl of whipped cream with teriyaki sauce. I said no. He said what about a regular bowl. Nope. He said what about a small bowl. Nope. What about a spoonful? Sure, I’ll try anything once.
Well, all he had available was garlic teriyaki sauce. The resulting food combination was essentially fluffy teriyaki sauce, and since I think teriyaki sauce tastes disgusting, I didn’t much care for it.
Last night at work (I work in a restaurant) one of the pizzas they put up at employee meal had Bleu Cheese and Duck on it. Not bad, actually. The Bleu Cheese was a bit overpowering, though.

honey, lots of Schlotsky’s hot sauce, and peanut butter.

that is a GOOD sandwich!

Back in my college days, I had a friend who was attending the affiliated seminary. Sometimes during late-night study sessions we would raid the seminary kitchen. One of our favorite snacks was cold meat loaf with chocolate pudding.
I haven’t had it in over twenty years. And now I’ve got a taste for it again.

Sprite, Coke, and a little fruit punch makes a good raspberry-ish drink.

Bless you. Bless you all. There’s a place in heaven for each of you. :slight_smile:

A couple more, both of the unexpectedly tasty variety (they were both done on purpose, but not by me, so I wasn’t expecting it):

The best spaghetti carbonara I’ve ever had was at a bistro in Manhattan near my friend’s parents’ apartment. They put a bit of mint in the sauce. Brilliant.

Also, my roommate makes a sandwich with melted mozzerella cheese, avocado, mayonnaise, mustard, and apricot preserves, on toast. It’s tasty as hell.

if you eat (eat as in chew it up immediately) a wintergreen altoid and then take a swig of diet pepsi, it tastes like windex.

no, i haven’t drank windex before, but i SWEAR that’s what it must taste like. my mom made fun of me for saying, " it tastes like windex". but then i had her try it. she had the weirdest look on her face and she said, “GOD, it IS windex!” :smiley:

What’s the upchuck factor on milk and OJ?

Peanut butter and popcorn. Discovered this while watching Gladiator at the movies, was eating Reeses Pieces and popcorn, and wound up with both in my mouth at the same time, yummy!

A Heathers reference! Way cool! pbrtallboy, you rock!

Oh: There’s a place here in Missoula that makes a great sandwich. It’s grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and mango chutney. Delicious. My favorite eat-out sandwich in town, but people always look at me weird when I describe it.

If you make a Tom Collins with sloe gin it tastes just like Zebra-stripe bubble gum. I’m not joking. Nothing else in the WORLD tastes like that, either. I’m gonna patent it someday. . .

If you mix coke, punch, dr pepper, rootbeer, and orange soda together you get a mixture that tastes amazingly similar to bubble gum.

Is it just me, or does milk in the morning, right after you’ve just woken up, taste utterly disgusting?

I’ve mentioned in a couple of places: chocolate toast. They sell jars of chocolate paste just for toast in the supermarkets, and it’s terrific. I have one of those little oven-toasters (just like ovens, only much smaller), so I can slather on as much chocolate as I like without fear of drippage… Mmmmmmmm… heavenly…

Try a slice of pineapple on a grilled hamburger…It has become a staple at all our backyard cookouts…