Absolut Vlasic (not a thing, thank heaven). Confess your bad food/drink combos here

Getting myself a snack this evening (a turkey sandwich with longitudinally sliced pickles), I found that I was taking the last pickle slices out of the jar. I happened to have the remainder of a bottle of vodka in the freezer, so rather than throw out ALL of the brine (or pickle juice), I added a dash of it to a glass of chilled vodka (it’s a store brand vodka, before you accuse me of alcohol abuse).

ANYWAY, I paid attention to the melange of flavors, just in case I had invented a new cocktail which would sweep the drinking world by storm.

NEWSFLASH: it’s not a taste sensation. It’s not going to kill you, but I can hardly recommend it.

Anybody else have a spur-of-the-moment inspiration for a flavor combo that didn’t quite work out? Post it here.

PLEASE. I NEED to know that I’m not alone in this type of thing.

Well… my daughter once insisted that adding soy sauce to milk would make something as delicious as chocolate milk. We let her try it. The color looked about right, but apparently it was disgusting. She tried adding more soy sauce, just in case, but it didn’t help. (She was 8.)

In college, the trumpets in band created a “Tune Colada” that consisted of rum, pineapple, coconut and, wait for it, tuna. It was disgusting.

I tried cooking a chuck roast in maraschino cherry juice.
It was okay, but it didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. I was hoping for a sticky glaze. But all I got was a cherry broth.

I may give it another go. To see if I can get that sticky glaze I’m looking for.

Maple cinnamon pops tarts, toasted with butter…and Coors light.:eek:
It tasted AMAZING!!! The first time I tasted it, that night :rolleyes::smack:

I’ve never had the balls to try it again.

Serious: Do not recommend.

I made an Apple pie for my son-of-the-wreks autumn birthday once and thought it needed something else. I drizzled caramel sauce on it while it was still hot. It melted into the crust creating a concrete slab that you couldn’t cut without a chainsaw. It was bad, bad. Don’t do it.

Pickle Infused Vodka is already a thing
so is a shot of whisky with a pickleback
deep fried pickles is also becoming a popular pub item


Decades ago I thought a birthday deep dish pizza, rather than a cake, would be a unique presentation to my then-newlywed wife.

The pizza came out great. But when I stuck several candles in it, each one quickly melted into a glob of wax before my eyes.

Oven hot deep dish pizza and candles don’t mix, it turns out. Who knew?

I (and a few of my cronies) do pickle backs all the time.

Last night for dinner I made sushi. I’ve been practicing making good sushi rice, various rolls, as well as slicing fish. Each attempt is a little closer to restaurant quality. The meal was outstanding, if I do say so myself. And very filling

While we sat around finishing the wine, I remembered that I’d made dessert. My gf was a little pissed off, but she ate her dish of rice pudding.

I have a weird compulsion to mix fountain drinks. I guess Diet Coke by itself is too passe for my elite tastebuds

Diet Coke + Lemonade = good
Diet Coke + Raspberry Iced Tea = not bad
Diet Coke + Orange Crush = mediocre-to-bad
Diet Coke + Baja Blast = disgusting

This wasn’t a deliberate combination, but: don’t eat McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and drink Mountain Dew. Something about the two together leaves a very unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried Vlasic Coke, just for the novelty (Don’t look at me).

Been beaten to it, but pickle backs have been a thing for awhile (but not quite the same thing, as it’s a pickle juice chaser rather than cocktail), but pickle juice cocktails are certainly not unknown.

The worst for me was freshman year college, new student week, we had a bottle of gin (which I was not fond of at the time straight) and a lack of mixers except for some generic brand of clear cream soda. That whole experience put me off of gin (as well as cream soda) for about three years.

I commonly mix inexpensive* red wine and diet ginger ale, mostly for whatever good a small daily dose of alcohol and grape-based phytochemicals may do me.

*sometimes I’ll go as high as $5.99 a bottle, but it has to have a screw-off cap.

Soda + wine are actually a pretty common combination that go by different names. I remember “diesel” from Slovenia, which was cola and red wine (looking up the combo, apparently, in Spain it is known as “kalimotxo.”) Your combo seems to be good enough for Martha Stewart, but she doesn’t give it a cool name, just “ginger red-wine spritzer”.

Donuts washed down with McDonald’s Coke machine soda. It’s like drop-kicking your pancreas. I did this combo once many years ago and helped me stay away from sodas, for the most part, ever since.

Sonic was selling pickle juice slushies this summer. I didn’t try it but I can’t imagine that a shot of vodka would have made it worse.

That sounds downright elegant!

Bad ideas I’ve actually tried:
Ice coffee + Diet Coke
Chocolate ice cream covered in Alfredo sauce
Strawberry Jell-O topped with chocolate pudding
Anchovy and pineapple pizza-I actually kinda like this one…but my gut doesn’t

Diet Coke = disgusting already, pointless to proceed.

Here’s looking at you, kid. :slight_smile: