Strange, inadvertent flavor combinations

Intentional odd mixture that I like: Orange sherbet with chocolate syrup or chocolate sprinkles. (Hot fudge doesn’t complement orange sherbet for some reason.) For years, people thought I was nuts, until those chocolate oranges came on the market.

Odd mixture that we didn’t know was going to be truly horrible: Someone sent Mr. Rilch and I a pint of real Vermont maple syrup. We drink Diet Pepsi in the morning instead of coffee. One bite of waffle and syrup, then a sip of Pepsi. That must be what poison tastes like.

This is another mixture that was intentional, but presented to me by someone else - I thought it was kind of strange before I first tried it. Take some good dark chocolate and wash it down with a flavorful red wine, such as a cabernet. I looked at this as a bit odd when it was first presented to me, but after my first bite - ambrosia!

Amish country, PA.

Pumpernickel bread
Roast beef
Swiss cheese
Horseradish sauce
Pickled beets.

Okay, maybe not that strange. But wonderful.

Fellow Pittsburghers know the joy of Primanti’s. French fries and cole slaw on a sandwich is truly inspired by God.

No, you rock for spotting it! So, what is the upchuck factor? I’m a “No-rust build-up man, myself.” :wink:

New sarnie filler here, discovered in the UK that is just yummy: cottage cheese, sultanas (raisins) and shredded carrot.

Sephiroth this is very nice indeed!!

Pizza my hubby has introduced me to: ham, bacon and smothered in cheese… :stuck_out_tongue: drooooool (though I also like to add sauted mushrooms or roasted onions as well.

on a sandwich made with toast…
bacon and orange marmelade.
it’s wonderful.

but only with the homemade marmelade with peel and stuff in it.

also cheese on toast with tabasco, worcestershire sauce and a slice of chorizo sausage. the best snack ever.

or the best yet,

pork and peaches casserole.

1 can tomatos
1 can peaches
4 pork chops
1 red pepper
1 onion.
garlic to taste.

fry onion,pepper, garlic, pork in oil, until browned and yummy looking.
add can of tomatos and peaches with about 1/2 their syrup.
keep on low heat for 10 minutes
serve over rice or potatoes.
it’s a family recipe…i eat it about once a month on average.

and a good drink is 1 part blood orange juice to 2 parts pink grapefruit. but i don’t like sweet juices.

Toast a bagel.

Side one: Butter, cinnamon

Side two: Cream Cheese, bacon bits

In the middle, slices of cucumber and apple

Make sammich.

Seriously delish.


Jack Daniels and Pepsi. In just the right combination (which I’ve managed to mix exactly ONCE) it tastes like apple cider. I passed mine around to my friends to verify that I wasn’t insane, and they all agreed that I was right, it did have a wonderful apple flavor.

I’ve never managed to duplicate it, because I just poured a random amount of whiskey into my Pepsi glass when it happened.

I like turkey sandwiches with Mayo, Peaunut butter, and yellow mustard on a toasted bun. It is certanly good. I would think it would taste good with lettuce tomato and bacon also.

Here I was thinking, “Y’all eat some strange stuff,” and then I ate an ice cream sandwich (you know - vanilla in the center and the two chocolate wafer-things on the outside) while drinking a tall glass of Welch’s apple-grape-cranberry juice. Interesting, to say the least. Not really bad, but not something I would do on a regular basis.

By the way, smokers: lighting one up right after brushing your teeth can be a frightening experience, unless you smoke menthols to begin with.


Not exactly in the same vein, but did you know that if you chew all the flavor out of a stick of gum, then eat a tiny piece of chocolate while you still have the gum in your mouth, you end up with chocolate flavored gum?

Nah! I like that taste. Well, not like exactly, but every morning I brush my teeth, brew some coffee, and smoke a Camel Light while the coffee brews. The only odd thing I noticed is that the minty toothpaste taste overpowers the cigarette taste rather quickly, so I don’t need a mint.

However, as I said before, if you drink coffee with half-and-half afterward - that is such a weird freaking taste! I don’t think I captured it in my first post. It’s so peculiar, I can’t even put it into words.

Peanut butter and fried beef strips(My kitchen is bizzare. But, it’s kosher)

Milk and coke/pepsi

I'm experimenting with chocolate covered meat. The right combination has eluded me so far.

This, and Nacho’s response, reminds me: drinking a Coke while smoking tastes godawful. Dr. Pepper, on the other hand, is just fine.

I’ve never tried this, as I don’t eat or like chocolate, but I have a friend who swears by it, especially for a third-date-come-over-and-watch-a-movie-baby hors d’oeuvre.

I do have a wine suggestion: A very sweet dessert wine, like a piesporter or a gewurztraminer, served with very, very spicy food, like Malaysian or some Caribbean. To me, they balance out terrifically.

I also like Tabasco sauce in my grits, but that’s not too unusual, in the South anyway.

And this doesn’t really count I guess, but I like to listen to hardcore punk rock, like Minor Threat, while reading “Titus Andronicus.” It’s a totally punk play (his first, as I recall), and the violent, savage music sets the tone. And no, I haven’t seen “Titus,” with Anthony Hopkins, though I probably will someday.

Be careful saying something like that around here. You could get condemmed for heresy!