what's your favorite strange food combo?

Just watching the Food Network, and was wondering what your favorite odd food combo is.

They just mentioned things like broccoli and mayonnaise, chocolate ice cream and french fries (yuk?), and the like.

My favortie combo is chocolate ice cream and bavarian (thick) pretzels.

What’s yours?

follow-up post:

Which favorite combo, to put it delicately, agrees with you the least, but you eat it anyway?

Probably not my favourite, but definitely one I’ve been drinking a lot: maple syrup in milk.

I just love scrambled eggs with grape jam mixed in. Unfortunately, this turns the eggs a yucky shade of grey, so it’s best not to look at the plate while eating.

Cheese crackers and junior mints, or M&Ms and Doritios. I’ve met exactly two other people who agree with me that the taste of “cheese” and chocolate together is to die for. Everyone else is horrified.

I discovered in college that beer and Snickers bars go together surprisingly well.

Count me among the not-horrified! I’m also really big on cheese and Pepsi.

I totally “get” Laverne!

Peanut butter and crispy bacon on toast. Mmmmmm.

Milk-duds or Junior Mints and popcorn.

Chopped dill pickles and mustard in my cottage cheese. Yummy!

Ketchup and cheddar cheese: slice of cheese, pour on some ketchup. Yummy!

Acutally, beer and anything go together.

But the combo of beer and beer are the ultimate. Followed with a chaser of beer., naturally.

Potato chips on a bologna and cheese sandwich with mayo.

Peanut butter sandwiches dunked in chili.

Not all that weird, I guess.

Peanut butter & apple slices. That’s about as weird as I get. Well, with food anyway. :slight_smile:

Cinnamon apple sauce and cottage cheese.

Chips Ahoy cookies dunked in homemade guacamole.

The guac has to be relatively mild, and not made with mayo or tomatoes…just chunky Avocado, Onion, Cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper.

Man…I haven’t had that in a while

I like cottage cheese with garlic - that seems to skeeve people out.
I also like bananas and peanut butter; it’s a dessert to me. Yet some people have been horrified when I tell them.

We make a chip dip in my family that is made with equal parts ketchup, salad dressing (or mayo) and mustard. That’s all. It’s like condiment surprise, but so good!

I don’t know why this bothers people because it makes perfect sense to me, but I love soaking…nay, DROWNING my biscuits in syrup. It’s how I grew up, and although honey is an adequate substitute, there’s still nothing like hot syrup for a tasty biscuit.

Ya know, it’s rare for me to find tihngs on the Intarwebxor that make me just stop and go :eek: but…

I mean, Tabasco and chocolate, that I can see. A bunch of the other posts here I can see. Chips Ahoy in guacamole… :eek:

Which of course means I’ll have to try this now. Thanks.

I make fried rice with chinese anchovies and chicken cubes. It’s quite widely available locally - nothing special there. My twist is a shitload of well-aged brie, thrown in shortly before I’m done with the stir-frying/wok-juggling. Makes it all sticky and risottoish, but better.

Hot dogs with peanut butter. But it has to be the sweeter non-organic processed peanut butter.

Yum. :slight_smile: