what's your favorite strange food combo?

Something I just discovered a few weeks ago: French fries with praline pecan syrup.
I’ll never go back to dipping them in strawberry jam now!

Chocolate is great with doritos. My favorite comfort meal to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with doritos with chocolate milk and m & ms for dessert.

Antipasto mixed with cottage cheese equals my weight loss chip dip.


Steamed (Asian) rice and Italian dressing.

Started with accidental “infection” by soy sauce, moved to Russian dressing, then Italian.

Red grapes and coffee yogurt. Seriously one of my ultimate favorite foods. Filling yet refreshing.

Kimchi and takuan sandwiches :smiley:

Peanut Butter and canned spaghetti on toast. I don’t remember why I thought it would make sense the first time, but I’ve eaten it for years.

Doritos (plain, not those nacho cheese abominations) and cottage cheese.

Peanut Butter and Dill Chip Pickle Sandwiches
Whoppers and Beer

Bananas and Diet Coke. Also, pickle and cheese sandwiches, which are notable more for the absence of meat than the combination of pickles and cheese.

Puffed organic kamut and sugar-free syrup. Independent, earth-friendly organic combined with stuff from a chem lab makes a splendid contrast.

I really don’t think I have any.

But the subject immediately reminds me of the episode of Quantum Leap where Sam leaps into a pregnant teen, and he craves…

Jello and onions! :eek:

Peanut butter, marmalade, and fried Spam on rye bread.

But Bud with Peeps? Not so much.

Yum. Wendy’s french fries dipped in Biggie chocolate shake.

See, I grew up eating these and have even heard people order them at deli’s. I totally don’t think of this as “strange”.

M&Ms and Onion dip.
Mint chip ice cream and pickles (not mixed together, but eaten at the same time).
Beer and Oreos.

I once had peanut butter and picalilli on toast, drunk. A friend of mine came in from the pub one night and fancied some cornflakes, he had no milk so used water from the tap. Dirty boy.

Marmite and chipotle hot sauce on an english muffin is nice.

Plums with cheese spread on them – I liken it to cherry pie with cheddar on it, if people eat that why don’t they enjoy plums with cheese spread? :confused:

Actually, one of my very favorite sammiches is very sharp, cave aged cheddar, dill pickle slices (MUST be the uncooked, super crunchy kind), mayo and honey mustard on good sourdough bread. A Coke Classic (preferably cane sugar) and plain potato chips (usually baked Lays or Kettle Chips) are mandatory.

Some folks blanch at peanut butter and honey on rye, but I like it. Green beans on buttered toast, too.

A grilled-chicken chef salad, with BBQ sauce instead of dressing.