what's your favorite strange food combo?

Cottage cheese and tortilla chips.

My colege sometimes has waffles for dinner. I like to put mozarella cheese on mine instead of syrup or whipped cream, because I don’t really want a sweet thing for dinner. It’s called a “chaffle.”

Guiness and chocolate chip cookies. Or dark chocolate. mmmm…

I am very boring compared to most on here:

Rice and well buttered corn.

Bologna sandwiche, Nacho cheese Doritos washed down with a very cold Diet Pepsi.

Last night I tried beer and Thin Mints.

No good.

The time I drank seven beers in 1.5 hours and ate 8753485 Oreos wasn’t too palatable either.

Mine’s peanut soup. Homade chicken broth flavored with peanut butter and heavy cream. I love it but pretty much everone I’ve served it to can’t accept peanut butter as an ingredient in a savory dish.

salted fruit.

I guess it’s not that strange. lots of people put salt on watermelon and other melon. but I put it in bananas and such as well. Anything that isn’t tart or super flavorful gets salted.
I used to put ketchup in everything too… ketchup in my mashed potatoes, ketchup in my spinach… it helped mask the flavor of stuff I didn’t like. It wasn’t just a dab of ketchup, either. My spinach used to be almost equal parts ketchup and spinach. I don’t eat ketchup anymore, but I definitely used to love it.

I used to make sandwiches out of horrible things as well… the worst, I think, was when I’d get a piece of bread, put a pile of sugar in the middle, and fold it over and press it so it made a pouch. sugar sandwich. yuck. Or when I ate ginger snap sandwiches. That one actually makes sense because the ginger snap flavor was too strong for me, so I guess the bread toned it down. I don’t eat those anymore either.

Wow, almost 50 posts and nobody did mine yet:

Cheddar and jelly or preserves

Grape, strawberry or raspberry works best, although apricot works too. You take the slice of medium cheddar, and put jam/jelly/whatever on it like it was a cracker.

Well, noodles and chicken in peanut sauce is becoming more mainstream.

Cheez-It’s dipped in yellow mustard are pretty damned tasty, as are grilled cheeses with shredded beef jerky inside……mmmmm….

I’ll see that grilled cheese with beef jerky, and raise you a grilled mozzarella with pepperoni. :stuck_out_tongue: