Serenity Collector's Edition

Most of you are probably aware of the rerelease on August 21st but as a good number of my friends don’t seem to be, I thought I’d post a thread to alert any similarly ignorant Browncoats. I’ve not pre-ordered it myself but I’ll be sure to pick up a copy sometime in the next few months or ask for it for Christmas.

My only wish is that Alan had been included on the new commentary track. Wash was always my favorite.

Amazon also posted an interesting bit of an audio interview with Joss Whedon on the Screening Room Blog. I found it interesting one of the reasons he gives for the “Collector’s Edition” is that it has a cooler cover. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. Thanks for the info.

Mine’s been on order from Amazon for a month.

Thanks for the update, I now see a Christmas present in my future.

Thanks for the info…The evil amazon has also forced me to pre-order the 5 disc blade runner collectors edition releasing in december lol :smack:

For fellow Whedonites, they are finally releasing a 30-disc Angel box set, collecting all five seasons of the show in one very nice package that sort of matches the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chosen Collection from two years ago. I have held off buying the individual seasons of Angel, expecting them to release a nice set like this, and my patience has paid off. has it for preorder for $97.99, and it will expectedly retail for closer to $130 when it comes out at the end of October.

Angel Season 5 is the best season of any television show ever.

Now that Serenity has had a couple of years to rattle around my brain, the less happy I am with it. And the fact that certain characters get killed off has nothing to do with it.

Here’s my three main reasons:

  1. In the TV series, the interior of the spaceship Serenity felt for the most part like a warm, homey place. In the movie, it gave off a much colder vibe. I don’t know why that is, and I don’t know whether it’s universal or just me. But that’s how it felt to me.

  2. The small scale of the adventures in the TV series was a plus, AFAIAC. It felt fun to be along on the escapades of a likable bunch of people operating around the edges of civilization and the law. With just the right amount of deeper danger from the “Hands of Blue” guys. The movie was just too damned Big and Serious - do we really have to save the frickin’ universe here??

  3. One could imagine a future for the Serenity crew after the TV series ended. But it’s hard to see any worthwhile Firefly-verse story arc after the movie. It’s hard to be a small-time, not-so-legal smuggler/salvager/etc. once you’ve saved the universe and everyone knows about it. Where do Mal & Co. go from here? Nowhere interesting. It’s a total shutdown of the imagination.

Not an argument, really, but a counterpoint:

I didn’t really get a colder sense of Serenity, but there was considerable tension in the air–more than there usually was during the TV episodes–and the tension was more sustained because of the longer format. I can see how that would give a colder impression.

You may be verging on hyperbole on purpose here, I’m not sure. They didn’t save the universe. They didn’t even save the world. They did good, and in a bigger way than they ever did in the TV series, but it was no blow-up-the-Death-Star or topple-the-Empire thing. They broadcast some information that high-ranked government officials desperately wanted suppressed. They probably caused some political shakeup, maybe even some arrests/lynchings of said officials. They triggered a confrontation with Reavers that, along with the information on the Reavers’ origin, would probably force the Alliance to do something about them (rather than dismissing them as a ghost story).

That’s it. No instant revolution. Browncoats and Alliance loyalists are not sitting down and singing kumbayah (or the Ewok song). Life is still hard out there. The Alliance is still the big bully on the block. But maybe, just maybe, some folks got woke up enough to rein things in.

It would be hard to pursue the series, but mainly–in my opinion–because they broke up so much of the character dynamic that was integral to the show’s charm. River’s overwhelming abilities would be an ongoing problem, too; she could short-circuit so many plots now that she’s got it (at least somewhat) together. I could more easily see setting episodes between the end of Season 1 and the movie. Of course, I suspect everyone involved looked on it as a last hurrah, and didn’t really expect to carry on afterward.

Still, how many people outside of government circles know just who spread the information? How many of the people who do know will be out to get them now? They’ll have to be sneakier than ever to get by, at least for a while, but they’ve still got to put food on the table and fuel in the ship. I could see them going right back to doing what they had been doing, coping with their losses and trying to move on.

I agree and thought it was a good thing. As noted above, the atmosphere abord ship was much tenser than it had been during the series. Book and Inara are gone, Mal’s angry at everything and the stress of harboring River and Simon is at a breaking point. The ship is a colder place and the film reflects that.

This strikes me as kind of a lame double-dip. I guess an extra hour of documentaries doesn’t seem all that impressive after the Lord of the Rings special editions with days’ worth. The “extended scenes” do sound kind of intriguing though. I’m assuming they’re different than the deleted scenes that appeared on the first release. Does anyone know whether these are reintegrated back into the movie itself?

No, I’m thinking strictly in terms of color, lighting, images.

The problem is, the government will never again have an excuse for not paying attention to them. Before the events in the movie, Mal was presumably just one of hundreds or thousands of minor suspected smugglers, and the government wasn’t singling him out for any special attention; if they had been, he’d have been out of business. And from then on, they’d always have an eye on him.

Kinda like here and now, where the government can put any two-bit drug dealer it wants to out of business, but the problem is the sheer abundance of them.

Ooh. Thank you. I know what I’m asking for for Christmas.

Is it time to give up hope that we will ever find out the actual answer to this, or is there still some realistic possibility of a return in some form?