Serenity - It was... [quick review with no spoilers]

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Okay, it was great. It was exactly what I wanted in a Firefly movie and I think it will work for people who have not seen the show. It had the action, it had sparkling writing and dialog, it had a plot worth watching, and it had some closure for people who are already fans. If this was what every continuation of a cancelled science fiction series could be I would demand that they bring more back.

BTW, at the screening in Miami Gina Torres (Zoe) was there initially (and then left as the film was starting so I suspect that they are flying everyone to as many screenings as possible). Anyone at other locations want to comment on who showed up for theirs?

As I said in another thread, the 2nd unit director was at mine (Boston). He stuck around afterword for questions, cheers, etc.

I don’t think there was anyone at our screening. I sat for a few minutes after the film was over, thinking the lights would come up and someone familiar would be there, but nada.

I was at the Miami screening, too. I enjoyed the movie, but I’m not sure it will work for people who haven’t seen the show. Things were sort of explained, but is that sufficient? I thought of it more like an excellent two-hour TV episode than a feature film. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it and intend to see it again in the theater. I just don’t think it will appeal to the masses.

I’m nervous that vix is right. But, OTOH, I talked to a guy who’d only seen one episode (the pilot, which his friend who’d dragged him along had forced him to see earlier yesterday) and he enjoyed it.

Yeah, but Kyla, that guy was probably a massive nerd like his friend and all the rest of us in the theater. Will regular people like it?

I really want certain spoilers for this movie… about the…

two major character deaths!


Do you want to know who or how?

They’re all dead, Dave. Everybody’s dead, Dave. At least… they could be.

Never mind, used some Google-Fu and found out. Feh. Typical Whedon. I’m really starting to hate that guy.

I saw it in Salt Lake City, and there were no cast/crew there (as if SLC ever rates anything), but I loved the movie! I think they put down sufficient back-story in the opening scenes to bring most of the non-Browncoats up to speed, but as others have mentioned, it will probably attract only a small segment of the population, which is unfortunate.

I especially loved Joss’s intro before the film started. Does anyone know if that is available for download anywere?

I saw the movie last night having never seen the TV show and only having read a negative synopsis of the first episode. I thought the movie was cool and I can’t wait to watch the series. I can’t wait til the movie is in general release to see it again.

Saw last night, and still feel I am on the spaceship. Oh my goodness, loved loved loved it.

About 12 of us went from work. This included 2 people who had never seen any of it or any Josh Whedon, they only went because they knew we would be talking about it. Not geeks at all, mostly watch romance-type movies.

And they loved it so much that they ordered the DVD of the show immediately.

So, yes, it will appeal to others.

I’m so happy to hear that non-fans have liked it too! It gives me hope.

I also saw it last night.

I went to the cinema with two friends. We did not have tickets. We sat in the lobby with a big sign that said:


We got a lot of grins and chuckles from the people in Blue Sun t-shirts and Serenity hats, plus some quizzical double-takes from adolescent Barbies on their way to see Sisterhood of the Wandering Panties or whatever the hell that movie is called.

One younger woman paused, and we said, “Do you have three tickets?” in a tone of giddy anticipation.

She said, “Maybe. I’ll think about it,” and went up to the screening floor.

We figured she was blowing us off.

Then maybe an hour later, she returned to the lobby, came over to us, and said, “My friends just called and cancelled. I have three tickets.”


And yeah, we pretty much loved the movie.

(I’ll be keeping the sign. It’s obviously magickal.)

Hee! I was with a group of four with no tickets, one of whom was dressed like Jayne and holding the sign “WILL PERFORM THRILLING HEROICS FOR TICKETS”. We managed to nab four – from four different groups – at face value.

Browncoats ROCK, y’all! :smiley: