Serenity: Leaves on the Wind - comic [spoilers]

If you hadn’t known, and seeing as it’s been a week and no one has started a thread yet, you haven’t, Zach Whedon is continuing the story which takes place after the events of the movie. It is planning on a 6 issue run, but I’m not sure if that’s monthly or weekly.

Open Spoiler to follow.
I enjoyed it and the new characters, but the returning character was a little far fetched. But I’ll forgive them so they don’t have to introduce a whole new character.

I have high hopes, but trying to reign them in.

So, will you be waiting outside your local comic book store on Tuesdays, or are you going to wait until all 6 have come out and try to get them all at once? If you read it, what did you think?

I knew about it, and have been waiting on it, but I’m one of those horrid people who reads the individual issues at the comic book store, and then buys the hardback compilations afterwards. I have not enough space, and not enough organizational skills to keep up with individual comics.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and catch these as they come out, or just wait and read them all together. Leaning towards the second option unless reviews are totally overwhelmingly amazing.

I gave the first issue a shot, but I haven’t been impressed enough with the quality of the comics to buy singles plus collections, and this one was not an exception. Jeanty really seemed to be trying to get the faces correct, but it just didn’t work for me; I think art with a more stylized look usually works better than trying to capture an exact likeness of the actors. And while the new plot threads were interesting, character-wise, I felt like too many important questions were skimmed over.

So yeah, I’ll wait for the trade.

When the movie casually and firmly established that River really was psychic (the series had only hinted at it, as I recall), I have to admit losing a great deal of interest in it and any follow up material.