Serge Gainsbourg--English Lyrics?

I was wondering if anybody had good English translations of the Serge Gainsbourg tunes “Black Trombone” and “Le Poinçonneur Des Lilas.” I’ve seen them in the liners on the 8 1/2 Souvenirs album “Happy Feet,” but I don’t have access to it right now.

Not that it’s important or anything. I was just curious.

Mick Harvey has done TWO complete albums covering Gainsbourg in English, duetting occasionally on both with one my my favorite unknowns, Anita Lane (imagine Marianne Faithfull channeling Marilyn Monroe . . . or vice versa . . . Blossom Dearie on heroin . . . Marlene Dietrich channeling Betty Boop . . . ). Seek them out and buy them now.

Given that Harvey’s made several other albums, mind naming these albums in question?

Intoxicated Man and, one other one; let me look. Hold on.

Pink Elephants. Between these two albums he manages to cover 32 Gainsbourg songs, all translated and arranged by himself.

Oh, and here’s a bit about Anita Lane, one of my personal goddesses.