Serial supporting-player partnerships

Inspired by this thread, I was thinking about supporting cast members who seem to pop up together a lot. In that thread, it was noted that Vince D’Onofrio and Vince Vaughn seem to work together quite a bit.

One example is Steve Buscemi and Shawnee Smith- she was his bar date at the beginning of Armageddon and his live-in girlfriend in The Island.

Another was the Aliens crew (Paxton, Henricksen, Goldstein)- all of them were also seen in Near Dark and a couple of other films together.

Who else seem to pop up in the same movies a lot?

Back in the day, many of MGM’s very best sissies (Franklin Pangborn, Eric Blore, Erik Rhodes, Edward Everett Horton) appeared with each other in various combinations in supporting roles. One of the best being Top Hat, which featured three of the four.

It seems that Matthew Lillard can only get a job if Freddie Prinze jr. is in the film. Ditto with Clint Howard and his brother.

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodrigues use the same people for csating most of their movies. Same with Kevin Smith.

Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.

Geoffrey Lewis did six movies with Clint Eastwood. But Eastwood did this a lot, especially in his earlier movies.

It’s not necessarily the actors themselves causing it. Watch anything Aaron Sorkin’s ever done and you’ll see the same people over and over again.

Directors like John Ford, Robert Altman, and Howard Hawks, each had (or have) a pool of actors they often cast in their respective movies.

I immediately thought of Ford, who often had Ward Bond and Victor McLaglen in supporting roles in his pictures.

For that matter, Hector Elizondo seems to show up in supporting roles in most of Garry Marshall’s movies.

Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel are among the guys who show up in supporting roles in loads of Martin Scorsese movies.

In the old days, you’d see Tony Roberts and Diane Keaton in most of Woody Allen’s movies.

Dom DeLuise seemed to stooge for Burt Reynolds a lot in the 70s.

Dom was also a regular in Mel Brooks films, as were Marty Feldman and Madalyn Kahn.

For years Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus were always cast together for some reason.

Steve Buscemi has appeared with Adam Sandler in Airheads, Big Daddy, Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds, and The Wedding Singer