"Series of Unfortunate Events" Speculation *SPOILERS*

Did I mention that there would be SPOLIERS in this thread?

I love the Lemony Snicket books (I know that it’s a pseudonym, but what the hell). They’re some of the best stuff that I’ve read in a while, and usually they make me laugh out loud. Recently I’ve been thinking about some of the various clues given throughout the books so far, and I’ve got a few theories and ideas . . .

  1. Lemony Snicket is Count Olaf. Strange as it may seem for Olaf to describe himself as cruel, foul-smelling, etc., but consider: Jacques Snicket is tall, thin, and has a unibrow. In fact, he looks very much like Count Olaf. Lemony Snicket has a tattoo on his left ankle. There was a picture of the children’s parents with Jacques and a shadowy person, presumably Lemony, and the only good reason to conceal him would be if he was Olaf.

  2. Esme killed Beatrice. For . . . some reason. Because she thought Beatrice stole the bowl?

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. VFD = Volunteer Fire Department?

Anyone else have any ideas, or just like the books?

I absolutely adore this series! Even more than Harry Potter. As to your theories:

  1. I think it’s entirely possible that Lemony Snicket = Count Olaf, except for the fact that I’m not sure even Olaf would be so bad as to allow the death of his brother.

2)Beatrice’s death will certainly be caused by Olaf’s gang, and Esme is as likely as any of them to actually do the deed.

  1. i’m so bad at word/letter puzzles i haven’t been able to come up with a single idea for what the letter could mean.

Anyway, I just want the next book to come out! The last one was such a cliff-hanger!

My theories are…

  1. No way is LS actually the Count

  2. Beatrice is the orphans MOTHER. LS was, and still is, in love with her.

4VFD is Volunteer Fire Department. Something LS did caused the VFD to be delayed getting to the fire at the house.
I love the books. When will the next one be out?
Have you been to Lemony Snicket.com? I love the song.