Series that were done in their namesake areas

Of those series in television history that were named for/set in a city or other area, how many of those were actually done in the cities/areas for which they were named?

There are at least two that I know of:

–the original Hawaii Five-O from 1968-80
The Streets of San Francisco



I’m thinking that L.A. Law was done both in L.A. and at TCF studios there. Is that correct?

I also recall, IINM, that the original Dallas was divided between Dallas and L.A. (L.A. soundstages being used for interiors).

Not a TV series, but the film Nineteen Eighty-Four was filmed at the place and time established by the novel almost 40 years earlier. According to IMDb:

Did not know that! That’s very interesting to learn.

Magnum P.I. was shot in Hawaii.

All the Law and Order series shoot in NYC. When you look at the credits of Broadway actors (especially those who aren’t stars), they almost always list it.

Chicago Fire
Chicago PD

If we’re going that way, The Wire and Homicide :Life in the street were both set in Baltimore, and filmed there as well, IIRC


Miami Vice

Corner Gas was filmed at the corner of two roads in rural Saskatchewan.

Friday Night Lights
Walker, Texas Ranger
Lone Star



These aren’t namesake shows, though. IOW, the locations aren’t mentioned in the titles.

The 1970s mid-season replacement series Caribe, was filmed in Miami and throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Walker, Texas Ranger filmed many of its exterior scenes in Texas.

Vega$ was shot entirely in Las Vegas.

I had said “The Sopranos” until I read the title again. Duh!

The rebooted show also films primarily in Hawaii.

Didn’t realize that, either!

I remember seeing a Broadway show where an actor’s bio explicitly listed not being in a Law and Order episode.