Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

Not corny at all; the real charm of this series is how spontaneous it seems – there’s no 75-man crew and semis and tour buses and 5-star hotels. And yes, the folks they encounter seem genuine. I don’t doubt for a second they don’t know who Ewan is but they take it in stride. Good for them.

Your previous post about the SUVs and the charging network, etc., well, that’s just cruel teasing me that way! Good night to you, sir! :rofl: :wink:

How do you like it? I watched the first episode and the start of the second ep yesterday. While not immediately blowing me away, I found it very easy to keep watching, and they nicely set up a few surprises and cliff hangers that bode well for the remainder of the series.
BTW (for others): I believe it streams on Hulu (or Disney Plus/Star in Europe).

Someone in-show felt the same way.

Star for me in Australia too. Cool!

Yes!!! Mark’s friend’s cousin wants to see the rifle and boom, cousin is killed. Whoops.

Every character tries to help Mark “get over it”, and he eventually does. Awww, shucks, Pa.

I had watched one at the time of my first post and all three so far now. It isn’t bad. Much less comedic than I expected, given the leads. Each of the three are given mysterious/complicated pasts of their own that are being revealed more centrally to the story than the actual murder mystery, which is almost just a MacGuffin. It has elements of what I’m not sure what to call it-- not quite “magical realism” because it (probably) doesn’t happen from the character’s POV and is seen only by the audience–sprinkled throughout. (You saw one in episode 1 with Marty’s “fall and bounce”.)

And then there is the one with the darn fool new sherrif trying to convince the townfolk to not wear guns within “city limits”, which rapidly was proven to be folly when there was killin’ that needed done.

Hey, who knew that Lucas McCain was a blogger‽

I’ve never been more jealous of a crowbar.

“Messiah” on Netflix is better than I expected it to be. There’s a predictable ‘miracle’ coming but I don’t care.

I just had a great idea for the next installment: Australia! 16,000 miles of coastline and if that isn’t thrilling enough, they could figure-8 the continent: start in Darwin, head around the west coast, when they get near Adelaide, head north through the middle, when they reach the north coast, around the eastern side and finish up in Adelaide. What do you think, sirs?

(We now pause for native Aussies to jump in and exclaim how insanely dangerous that would be – what with the Drop Bears, dinner-plate-sized spiders and other down under beasties lurking about.)

I’ve spent way too much time here!

A common lament. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even though it was a bit predictable and strained belief in places, I think it’s well worth watching. The ending was quite good too. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

American Horror Story season 10 isn’t bad so far.

Yeah. That was my thought as well. It isn’t “bad”.

I thought I’d give Manifest a try. By the third episode I was bored. Too soapy, too cliched and too predictable.

I watched the first episode of White Lotus. Really don’t know what to make of it because I’m at once bored and discomfited by it. Which may be a good sign because at least it’s making me feel some way and I’m still thinking about it. I’ll keep watching, I guess.

I really had to think about whether I liked it or not- it is has a very different feel to it but ultimately I did think it was worth watching and especially liked the storyline of Tanya (though she is a cringeworthy character) and Quinn. I think I will re-watch it soon because I felt I missed a lot because it does kind of bore you at first so for me it became background watching for the first few episodes until the plot started moving at a brisker pace.

We finished season three of Fauda (Netflix) last night. I think it’s been giving us both some stressful dreams. It’s very violent and the whole Jew-Muslim dynamic is very stressful to even think about. I’m glad it’s over. I see that What We Do in the Shadows is back up and I’ve got a couple of eps recorded. And we’re sticking with Reservation Dogs (Hulu); last week’s episode was the best so far.