What are you currently binge-watching?

For me it’s Suits. I love this show so much. If you’re not watching it, you should be. Plus, Gina Torres.

Oh yeah, my husband has reminded me that we’re also binge-watching “Breaking Bad” and “Supernatural.” I have to start a thread on Walter White when we’re done “Breaking Bad” - I desperately need to discuss him but I don’t want to get spoiled.

30 Rock. Can’t believe I never knew about this when it was on the air.

Arrested Development - started watching some time ago and got partway through season one and for some reason ended up never finishing it.

House of Cards AND Mr. Selfridge.

Lots of time now after the Olympics and before baseball.

Just finished bingeing on “Episodes,” the Showtime series with Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc. Excellent show.

Spartacus (Starrz) and Just about to start the fifth season of Breaking Bad on Netflix.
I promised myself I would only do one House of Cards (season 2) episode a week. We’ll see how that goes. It sure the fuck wasn’t easy after the first episode.(S2).

Shameless. I’m addicted.

I just recently binged on Brooklyn Nine Nine to catch up. The last time I binge-watched was three seasons of Franklin and Bash, then five seasons of Murdoch Mysteries.

I may try Suits now that you’ve mentioned it.

Star Trek The Next Generation

I’ve seen a lot of episodes but this is the first time I am actually watching them all in order

modern life in 2014 sucks. I wish I lived in the future and could serve under Picard

SUITS- Donna rocks! Did you catch the episode where a client told her “You’re so beautiful when you’re forceful”? Donna’s response, with a dead-straight poker face, “I realize that you meant that as a compliment…but I don’t appreciate limitations being placed on my beauty!” The she turns, smiles ear-to-ear and saunters away…

I’m also a hardcore Supernatural fan…gotta have my Dean fix as often as I can get it! :eek:

I just finished binge-watching all 155 episodes (7 seasons) of ‘The West Wing’ also.

Just completed “The Wire” - my thoughts? very good. Stand-out for me was Michael Kenneth Williams as Omar Little. You spend most of the time wanting him back on screen to do his thing.

Before that I watched the two series of “Borgen” and have series three lined up ready for my next holiday watch.

I just finished the first two seasons of American Horror Story on Netflix. OMG so good! I need something new. I can’t remember if the Wire is on Netflix streaming but I have wanted to watch that for a while.

I also want to see the Sopranos. I missed that one completely.

Just picked up the MAS*H Martinis and Medicine Collection and started watching it, one of the greatest TV shows IMO.

I’ve also been watching Arrow which I’m enjoying immensely.

Rescue Me An amazingly enjoyable and funny show that somehow slipped by the radar.

I’ve been slipping in an episode or two of The Followinghere and there when time allows.

I’m doing House of Cards and hope to do Breaking Bad soon.

I have a long list of shows I hope to get to someday.

Just about caught up on DCI Banks. One more to go. (And S4E03 is the best one yet.) We’ll then start on House of Cards probably. Been accumulating a bunch of the second part of S2 of Saving Hope. Don’t know when we’ll get to those.

I now have two DVRs with lifetime subscriptions. It ain’t going to get any easier.

I’m catching up on GIRLS, though Season One has disappeared from my OnDemand availability. The character development is rich and the actors are first rate. Some of the plots are better than others. It’s a bit refreshing to see nudity in someone with less than a perfect body, and Hannah certainly qualifies in that regard. I can see why the show gets critical acclaim, the dialogue has an honesty and realism that you seldom see, there’s no laugh lines and no laugh track. Quite a bit darker than what I usually like to watch but I do recommend it.

“Honeymooners”. Haven’t watched it in 30 years.

Us too. We just started Season 2. It’s filmed in Toronto so we play “Find the Toronto things” while watching it.

I binge-watched House of Cards season 2 last week.

I was binge-watching The Good Wife, but I got all caught up to the current season at Christmas and they have only shown 2 episodes since the beginning of December!! Totally wrecked my binge high. I don’t think I could watch a show that’s weekly anymore, it’s way too frustrating.

I’ve got Suits on my Netflix List, I’ll give it a try.

Attack on Titan.

(Kinda like Full Metal Jacket meets Gormenghast. Meets Dune)