Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

Doing it badly. Forgotten drain plugs. Fender benders. Boat rage, fights. Drunken boat retrieval with tow vehicle ending up underwater. Crew (drunk) jumping from the boat onto the ramp and missing, marital distress, etc

Yep :+1: that Jeep was a recent episode

Currently watching The Cleaner.

(With a notable blooper in episode 3. It features a paraplegic woman–who in one shot is doing this.)

Ok. I am gonna be that guy. The book was better. It is based on the book. The book invented the term Catch-22.

Started watching Wolfe, a British series featuring a CSI with manic (in the clinical sense) tendencies, an obsession with his ex-wife and a blatant disregard for the rules. Which seems like standard fare for a dark comedy-drama forensic crime show, but I have to admit that the episodes thus far have not gone the way I expected them to, and one of the most likeable characters appears to be up to something shady thus far. Much better than I initially expected, but I’m only three episodes in out of (I think) six.

If you like Miami Boat Ramps, check out Alfred Montaner’s YouTube channels. He is a young Cuban dude in Miami who I didn’t like at first, but I’m now bingeing. Check out his Chit Show.

That’s marina life for you. Always a fucking docking committee that knows how to do it better than the skipper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ETA: This popped up on my feed recently. Check out the skills of this captain and crew:

Thanks for these! Nothing like a good boat rodeo! :rofl: And yes, I have been involved in one or two (not my fault - just trying to help) and I’m not often on a boat.

Helluva captain there, using his anchor and all! The MS NordNorge has an interesting history. Imagine being on a cruise when weather happened.

The captain has participated in several rescues, including this one of the passengers of the Explorer when that ship hit an iceberg in the Antarctic! Cool pics.

I recently read “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage”. The map in the above linked site is exactly the location where Shackleton and his crew drifted for months on and through ice flows, barely surviving. Excellent book well worth reading.

I’m an exploration and survival book junkie, and this is one of the best.

I just started reading that book this weekend. Excellent so far!

I agree! I read the book, but need to get the kindle edition. Another great book is one by Pete Goss, Against The Wind where he talks about his solo circumnavigation during the Vendée Globe race from France to France. He just barely survived a hurricane, only to be made aware of one of his competitors who was not as lucky. Goss turned around and went back into the storm, locating the Frenchman, rescuing him, then continuing on with him aboard.

ETA /hijack :sailboat:

Everybody knows you can’t sail against the wind… but you can sail Close to the Wind :wink:

Adding to my collection… thanks!

Season 9 starts airing in Australia this month so should be on Netflix by end of the year. The ridiculous plotting needed to come back from the previous cancellations of this show really should have ended it, but it’s still such a good show it’s easy to forgive. No guilt here – it’s great acting and great dialogue.

Nathaniel Philbrick has a remarkable talent for recounting historic events as compelling stories. Highly recommend Mayflower, and The Heart of the Sea.

Thank you.

I’ve been watching Six Feet Under and find it at times to be entertaining with interesting character development and at other times find watching it to be quite tedious. The leadoff death scenes are often a hoot but damn so many of the characters are insufferable. I don’t know if I ever was so glad to see a character die as much as Lisa. Still the interplay between living and dead can be thought provoking so I think I’ll stick with it the last two seasons.

6FU has one of the best final episodes of all time. May be worth it to stick it out.