Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

With the death of Michael Williams, we’ve decided to watch The Wire again. I’d forgotten how compelling the show was, and the first episode was like seeing old friends again.

Just started Long way down , the last series ( well middle, but I am watching out of order ) of Ewan and Charlie on bikes going somewhere. It my exercise viewing and the right length of time, so far rowed 200km to their 35000 miles.

Getting amped up for Foundation, two weeks to go until release. Anyone else looking forward to it?

Watched the first two episodes of Y–The Last Man. They are unrelentingly bleak. Really not a great time for a show like that.

The first is the best. A true venture into the unknown, and the camaraderie is at its most entertaining. The second skips through the first half of the trip too quickly, and the third has no jeopardy. Still a fun watch all round, though.

I watched long way up before the long way round, and agree there was nothing like the risk and just out there ness of the first one. That was some serious expeditioning. The 3rd one had the challenge of trying to make the electric concept work, so a different challenge.
I work oil and gas and on my social media streams saw quite a few people posting and sneering on about how it failed and they had to use a generator etc. After watching the show I am not sure why the snooty views, they never said they were making any big statements , they wanted to see if it could be done and pushed the envelope, some days shit didn’t work out as planned and they kept going.
The cinematography was also a lot better in the 3rd , for obvious technical reasons. I’ve been through and worked in some of the places in Kazakhstan they showed and the vastness didn’t come over as it did in long way up for south America. That said the people they meet is what makes it, friendly crazy Russians with fire arms and everyone is happy to share a meal with a stranger.

There is a season or two in the middle that we missed, but we enjoyed it overall. However, if you decide to give it up, I urge you still to watch the final episode, where it shows how each of the main characters will ultimately meet their demise. Best ending of any series I’ve ever seen.

My sister’s vacation house (formerly my mom’s house and my permanent address for most of college) I often go the nearby marina and watch the boat traffic. Not much drama actually but it adds interest to the (also very pleasant) watching/listening to waves.


I’ll finish up the last couple seasons just to get to the ending. I’ll give them credit for the creative interplay between the living and the dead. The character development is great though I think that some of the character flaws are just a little over the top.

Q-Force on Netflix. A comic animated series about a CIA-type organization with a cadre of gay agents initially sidelined to an office in West Hollywood due to institutional prejudice, but who eventually end up saving the world etc etc. Manages to shoehorn in pretty much every gay and lesbian stereotype, but in a parodic inclusive way rather than as a mocking one. Admittedly it’s not my ox being gored so I don’t know if any of it is actively offensive to homosexuals (although given the cast and writers I’m guessing ‘no’), but it was certainly different.

Contains occasional cartoonish nudity and sex, so definitely not one for the kids even in the most openminded of families.

I haven’t seen that yet (though I plan to) but the bleakness of the scenario was why I gave up on The Walking Dead after, or perhaps even during, the first episode.

Wasn’t looking for it but happened across a movie by the same name on Amazon Prime. But I think I’d much rather read the book first.

I’ve read a bunch of the comics and it’s basically the same post-apocalyptic scenario spinning off into some weird stuff as TWD. Anyone expecting it to be “last surviving man gets to have sexy time with every woman in the world” is going to be sorely disappointed.

I’m trying out Y-The Last Man. It’s not bad, but some of the scenes don’t make any sense, and they seem to be jumping around in time. No idea if the writers are going to clean that up at some point, but for now it’s annoying.

We binged the first 5 episodes of Brigadoon last night and will finish it up tonight. I am not a musical fan so I am sure I missed a lot of in jokes, but it was fun all the same.

Schmig, not brig.

Swear to God that what I typed, my phone hates me and is determined to make me look like an idiot .

Y-The Last Man

The 90’s brought in the second renaissance of post-apocalyptic movies, though not as intellectually interesting as their first incarnation during the Cold War despite the advent of CGI. Surprisingly, the genre wasn’t affected by 9/11, just upgraded to include more zombies and less Kevin Costner.

But Covid and dramatic climate change has diminished the public’s appetite for play-acting world disaster. Y-TLM’s tepid reception is an indication of this.

Also: Diane Lane is palpably out-acting the rest of the cast, with the exception of Amber Tamblyn. She has to carry every other actor along in every scene she’s in.

I am still hopelessly addicted to Korean supernatural romances. Having finished Tale of the Nine-Tailed, we’ve now started watching Guardian : The Lonely and Great God.

Enjoying it way more than I should.