Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

I liked Mr Inbetween, but was that the ending??? Forever??

Yep. Scott Ryan has said he has been playing the role since 2005 and thinks that’s enough… I hope he comes back with something new.

Sad. he was truly growing on me.

I didn’t think it was that bad, and IMO it’s better than the prequel trilogy. Or the last one. The main character grows and develops a lot more in the second season, but if you don’t like the plots in the first season I’m not sure the second one is going to change your mind any.

It doesn’t. Very simple, almost insultingly simple, episodic TV. What a letdown.

I’m having a blast watching Schmigadoon! on Apple TV (the subscription came free with a new iPhone). Cecily Strong gets to sing and dance (a bit) and reprise her Drunk Girl character from SNL. She and Keegan-Michael Key get stuck in an annoying Brigadoon town; its send-up of musicals is fantastic. I’m looking forward to see them use all of the cast (Kristin Chenoweth - I’m looking at you!)

I don’t mind them, but find the deer kid way to cutesome in an Anne Geddis sort of way. Still continuing to see where they will take this weird concoction for the time being.

I was never a big tv or movie watcher, but I always could find something to watch when I wanted to. I’ve probably watched or tried to watch more than half the shows in this thread. But lately it’s like nothing can hold my interest anymore.

I loved the first season of The Mandalorian, but was hard pressed to finish the second year. WandaVision should have been right up my alley but I thought it was mostly boring. Lucifer, one of my favorite shows of all time, took me almost six weeks to watch sixteen episodes. I tried to watch Jupiter’s Legacy but couldn’t bring myself to even watch a second episode.

Now I just mostly watch quirky detective tv shows when my wife wants to watch something together. We worked our way thru everything on Acorn in the last two years, so we recently switched to BritBox and we are about halfway thru season 8 (we had watched 1-7 before) of Death In Paradise. Enjoying it but lot’s of cast changes. We also got a lot of recommendations from Dopers in another thread, so we should be set for a bit.

We just binged season two of Never Have I Ever after having binged season one a few weeks ago. It’s on Netflix, and about an Indian-American girl in high school who recently and very suddenly lost her father. She’s very smart- honor roll smart- but pretty clueless socially. Oh, and it’s narrated by John McEnroe(!).

I’m trying to watch Sons of Anarchy on Hulu. I’m five or six episodes into the first season and I don’t think I’m going to make it through. It’s just not very interesting. Not the story, not the cast, not the acting. It’s just trite bullshit. Also, they can’t shoot for shit. There’s a scene where two biker gangs face off against one another in the middle of the street. Hundreds of rounds fired and everybody just rides and walks away. Who even directs a scene like that?

It gets much more cartoonish after that. Four fat dudes take on all the gangs on west coast US and outwit them, so I’d get out while you can.

The third season is particularly stupid.

“Cartoonish” is an excellent way to describe the writing and the show in general. Yeah, I’m out.

The other one which reminds me of this is Peaky Blinders, a total over the top historical thriller from the UK. However, it shows a much maligned and forgotten area and people of the UK (Birmingham), so they love it about here.

But it’s stupid. Sooooo stupid.

Based on another thread in which I mentioned the old Sci-Fi series, “Farscape”, I have started watching it again in order of seasons and episodes. I start work at 6:30 and usually arrive by 6:15, and there is very little to do for the first hour or so, so I have been watching one episode every morning via Amazon Prime. I am up to Season I, espisode 5, which I will hopefully view Monday morning.

Watched Nailed It!. I find I could watch a half dozen episodes at random from any season and be sated on the show for life. The first couple times you see it, the disastrous results of amateurs attempting professional level baking is laugh out loud funny, but gets increasingly less droll quite rapidly after that. Most of the contestants are downright annoying.

Oddly, I loved Peaky Blinders. Never expected to like it because it was so over the top. But could not get enough of it; especially the Tom Hardy character.

I’m watching The Flight Attendant on HBO. I had heard good things, and I agree, it is good. Surprisingly funny for the dark subject matter.

Life in Pieces - similar to Modern Family, except funny.

Mr Inbetween - an Australian show about a hitman juggling his life and daughter while still in the business. Light at times, but also some real dark drama. Fantastic cast and writing.

Silicon Valley - I had avoided it for years because tech venture capitalists make my skin crawl, but the show is funny and focuses on the characters. I have even grown to like the CEO antagonists.

I would get back into Taboo, Goliath and Better Call Saul in a heartbeat if they ever make more.

Me too. I didn’t think I would like it at all, not a big fan of Cillian Murphy, but it entertains me.

I would watch all three of these if there were more episodes. The last season of Saul still hasn’t come up on Netflix, so I will be able to see that for sure. It’s been so long since Taboo and Goliath aired I thought they were cancelled.

I recently watched season two, but had forgotten most of season one, so I’m rewatching that now.