Seriously, violence OK if sneezed at?

I hate the commuter. I hate people at the cramped train. Otherwise, love being a human being among others, but I need that one yard space.

This day, there was one of them guys, untroubled by his running nose, who only gets satisaction by taking the commuter train, being an annoyance to others, clearing his throut loudly, seemingly naive, coughing without putting his hand in front of his mouth, spreading them germs around. Right in front of me. What can you do? To avoid getting furious, I put down my book, turned up the volume, shut my eyes, and tried to forget where I was.

Then the m+therf+cker sneezed. I mean it was the loudest sneeze I ever heard, otherwise I wouldn’t have heared it through the music. And it was right at me! I couldn’t believe it. – Then he did it again! I opened my eyes and saw the moron’s fluid on my jacket. The man was looking out the window again, running nose, etc.

I’m grown up now, and this was at eight in the morning, but I’m from a rough background and not unfamiliar to violence, and it got me blood boiling, knuckles itching…

Now, I’m settled down, bout 12 hours later, I’m cool, this was hours ago – but I have this feeling, when thinking about it – wouldn’t it have been best if I put my fist in his face, as I wanted to do – as God or the devil told me to do?

I know this is BBQ, but this is a honest question. I really wonder what you think: Shouldn’t I have put one in his face, and continue listening on that that Led Zep track. And if he sneezed again, give him another?

We’re all civilized, but can’t a nice punch on the nose (I had gloves on) be the most civilized thing do during some circumstances.

No, punching somebody is not equitable treatment for being sneezed on. Even twice. Good lord, man.

You should have spat on him.

Was there no place else for you to go? I know it was a crowded train, but at the first glimpse of a non-covered cough I would have been hightailing for a different section. To answer your other question: Yes, if someone gets their snot and/or spittle on your actual person, you should punch them in the face. Unless it is a young child, who you should just trip with your foot.

Nowhere to go man, hardly even room for a swing.

Isn’t punching more honest than spitting? I’m talking about a punch that hurts a bit, not one that needs medical treatment.

Well, you’ve already been exposed; you may as well head-butt him.

Or sneezed on him. Twice.

And yet the opposite seems to be true.

I had a friend who heard what they thought was my roommate sneezing on a crowded bus. It wasn’t a sneeze. It was vomitting. All over his back and in several people’s hair.

She didn’t apologise to anyone, and in fact, told my friend that he didn’t deserve an apology (he didn’t ask for one).
Now THAT might deserve a punch to the face.

But seriously, I have been on plenty of crowded trains, and you can always move somewhere.

Is punching the guy ok? No. Is getting up to find another seat ok? No. That guy was in the wrong for not keeping his fluids within his own space. I think some verbal confrontation would have been acceptable.

Besides, had you punched him in the face, you just would’ve gotten snot all over your fist.

Blood too.

But I feel for ya.

Fluid on your jacket? I’d go with a simple “Excuse me, I believe this is yours”, and then wipe it on him.

Tea bag him next time.

Well, if you punched him, he’d probably end up bleeding all over you (as LunaV mentioned). Add that to the fact yer on a commuter train and you’ve got “b-flick medical drama” written all over it.

Although a train car full of lemon meringue pie-slingers might be funnier.

I like the sound of this: “Outbreak” meets “The Three Stooges”.

You never get the feeling you’d like to punch someone?

Yeah, sure. You’re very well read too, eh Woody, gone through all them Scott Fitzgerald books yet?

I understand your point and frankly agree one hundred percent. – Now there has been 48 hours the sneezing incident and perhaps it was good I didn’t do anything, but between you and me, I don’t think people like that are able to respond to verbal communication; because if they were socially capable human beings, they simply wouldn’t behave like this.

I thought of that, and in my first post I pointed out that I hade my glove on. :wink:

That was actually what I settled with in my mind, but the bastard went off at an earlier station and I was too slow (my eyes shut and everything), and it really hurts me I missed the opportunity.

Fuck him!* What that bastard did was gross, rude, unsafe, nasty, disgusting, idiotic, insensitive, selfish, callous, unthinking, and stupid. While not resorting to actual physical violence, I would have indeed spoke up to him about just how disappointed I was in his actions.

Although wishing violence or imagining it sometimes may make certain ones of us feel better, there are precious few times when actual physical confrontaion can be reasonably justified. And, even tho he was a complete nimrod, this is not onew of those times. However, he should leave that area without being aware of just what he meant to me. Then, let his own imaginary worries of violence from me fill his his tiny little brain.

Trust me, you don’t even have to resort to yelling or profanity to get your point across. Well, I don’t anyways. (Unless I fucking feel like it, you slack jawed bunch of faggots.)**
*metaphor, don’t you know

**thank you, Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Predator for that awesome line and your Oscar worthy performance