Seriously! What are boogers made off?

I’ve suffered insomnia for years because my nasal passages get blocked with boogers. I know it is diet related as potatoes and I think figs cause these boogers. Could it be potassium?

Try Cecil’s How does my nose produce so much snot so fast when I have a cold? article.

Dried mucus mixed with the nastiness caught by your nose hairs.

Good article JeffB. Does the body then excrete extra potassium through the mucus?

I would be interested to know why you think boogers are caused by potatoes and figs.

No, potassium does not cause significant changes in nasal mucous.


I, on the other hand, am scared to find out.

I know that when I eat potatoes I get boogers (and the resultant insomnia) and when I dont I dont. It seems to be the same with figs, though experimenting with my life to find out is too much of a of a pain.

What, in potatoes and figs, does then?

Try this: next time you are eating potatos or figs, put them only in your mouth. This should work for other foods as well.

where the shadows lie?! I’m not suprised. Before you get biffed one no doubt.

Steve R: I should have clarified why I made the joke. You haven’t demonstrated any potato/fig connection, yet here you are begging the question like it is known relationship.

I’m sorry if you don’t appreciate a point made with some good-natured humor.

Let me see… I eat potatoes and I get boogers, I don’t eat potatoes and I don’t get boogers. Is that not enough of a demonstration?

Err… NO! Providing a some support, like this:
wold make more sense. Potatoes? Maybe, it’s not the most convincing cite. Figs? Can’t help.

Well, I’m no doctor, but I also know that one’s body creates more snot when you have a histimine reaction. It’s possible that you are allergic or sensitive to something in figs and in potatoes, so that when you eat them, your nose runs a bit. It may not be any certain nutrient in those foods, but rather some allergen in them.

Yet another candidate for a “barfy” smiley…

Thanks, but it is not a runny nose it’s hard, and sometimes painful deposits. If I were to eat potatoes too often, as I do when I stay with my brothers family, they take weeks to go. Maybe they’re not boogers. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Maybe if you ate mashed potatoes, your boogers wouldn’t be so painful.

Maybe if your brain wasn’t so mashed you wouldn’t make such stupid comments. Back in the box please!

Boogers are composed of mucus, generally partially dried, which your nasal passages, sinuses, and other mucous membranes in your body secrete in an effort to protect the internal mechanisms of yourself as an organism, e.g., your lungs, from inadequate humidity.

Substances which contain histamine or increase histamine secretion will cause increased mucus flow. Allergens tend to cause increased histamine secretion in allergic persons. It may well be that you have a low-grade allergy (or “sensitivity”) to figs and potatoes – not enough to cause a true allergic reaction, but enough to induce more histamine.

Qadgop may have further data on this when he gets out of prison.