Session 9 (there will be spoilers)

I just watched Session 9 Saturday night, and while it freaked out my wife, I thought it was pretty good, but not fantastic. What do the rest of you Dopers think of it?

A couple of questions about some things I may have missed (spoilers!!) :

  1. Was there meant to be any connection between the tapes Mike was listening to and Gordon’s behavior?

  2. For a team that small to clean all the asbestos out of a building that huge, they’d have to be working like crazy almost 24 hours a day, yet Gordon had them leaving before dark every day, and it seemed like they spent most of their time screwing around. Why didn’t there seem to be any feeling of urgency about getting the job done?

  3. Was Phil a drug dealer? Hank makes an ominous-sounding reference to Phil’s “exit plan” when he’s talking to Jeff, and later Gordon sees Phil shaking hands with two disreputable-looking teens out by the generator.

  4. Why did Phil lie about the phone call with Hank’s girlfriend if he wasn’t the one who attacked Hank?

  5. Did anyone else notice the jar of peanut butter in Gordon’s bag when he leaves his truck? It pretty definitively ID’s him as the guy in the hospital the night Hank gets attacked.

Looking back, #3 and 4 seem like red herrings just meant to throw suspicion on Phil, while the tapes were just to add an air of creepiness. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t seem to link back to the main story in any way.

Yes. That’s the consensus anyway. “Simon” could be construed as a demon that gets into people’s heads, and makes them do evil things. But only the “weak and the wounded,” as he says.

Although it’s not really shown, they probably were working hard. I don’t think we are ever told when the story takes place, but it could’ve taken place during the summer, in which case, it wouldn’t get dark until 7:30-8:00. So if they started at 8 in the morning, and ended just before dark, that’s a good 10-11 hours (with lunch, breaks, etc). Also, Mike is mostly shown slacking off with his tape listening. We can assume the others were all working diligently.

There’s really nothing in the film that proves that he is. But, through the scene with the teens by the generator, I think it is safe to assume that he is.

Well, Phil was looking for any excuse to replace Hank. When Hank doesn’t show up, and can’t be reached, Phil sees this as an opportunity to convince Gordon to replace him. And, since Gordon and crew were pressed for time, it’s in their best interest to use the other guy.

Yes. After showing that scene where he gets out of the van several times, it’s difficult to miss the peanut butter jar. The way it was shown in the corridor was just a clue as to who it might be. A very easy clue, at that.