SETI@Home, Redux

Well, the Straight Dopers are doing ok. We’re over 42 years of CPU time and crowding 25k in work units. Not bad for a small group started less than 6 months ago.

The reason for this thread is to let some of the newer members to the board know about our participation in the project, and hopefully gain some new membership. We’ve been rather stagnant in new membership lately.

For those who aren’t familliar with the project, you basically run a small program on your computer that will use your idle CPU cycles to process data for the fine folks at UC Berkeley who are listenening to the heavens for evidence of extraterrestrial life. You can choose to run the client software full time if you have the juice, or only when your screensaver kicks in.

The screensaver is pretty cool to look at, but it eats up a lot of processing time. If you choose the screensaver, you will double your efficiency by setting the it to “blank” at 0 seconds.

You can find the nitty gritty here and join the Straight Dopers by clicking the link above.

Please consider joining our local team and helping science for the price of a few otherwise wasted CPU cycles.

As always, a big thank you to all of the active members!

[bump] There’s me at number 30 [/bump]

Well, I caught up with yabob, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be catching douglips any time soon. :smiley:

Tho I’m not part of the group, I’ve been running it for a little while. On my 10th data set.

I’m holding steady at #31 (got a slooow computer)! I’m closing on 200 data units completed! Woo Hoo!

I’m still skeptical that we’ll find anything, tho…

My username at Seti is TheGarce.
I’m only in 60th place!
I’ll have to leave my home computers on during the day from now on so I can move up in the rankings.

I’m in! My name there is Liberty(as it is in RL).

I’m in too. Lowly number 62. You’ll notice my average CPU time per unit is rotten. I have a slow machine, but I’m hoping to upgrade soon. :slight_smile:

A fair number of people may catch me, eventually. The machine types / numbers I’ve been running on tend to be a bit uneven. I switched departments not too long after I got on this team, and left my old machine running the screensaver as well as setting SETI up on the Solaris box I’m now using. Once the vultures descended on the old machine, I quit getting the extra numbers. If they give me the additional Windows machine I’ve requested for this office, I’ll pick up again.

I consider it a moral victory that I got to 1000 before having to give up 5th & 6th place.

Oh, if you have a dual processor windows machine, you can run the screensaver graphics without much penalty. It winds up running the graphics on one CPU and the actual calculations on the other.

I have been trying to come up with a good excuse to give our IS personnel if they ask me why I have installed Set@home on all of my departments machines… it seems that would be the only way to break the top 10 any time this year. :slight_smile:

True yabob, but you can also run one text client per processor and double your output! Just put them im separate directories. The text client is faster than the GUI anyway and the i386-winnt-cmdline.exe will work on 98/ME/NT/2k. Though 98 won’t support dual processor, and I don’t think ME will either.

Anyway, welcome to our newest three members, and thanks again to the rest of our steady crunchers!

Also, props to tbea925 who is currently our most productive member (I think), and is slowly climbing to the #1 spot.

Keep crunching Dopers!