Setting up a HD backup

I’d like to start backing up my data (never too early to do what I should have been doing all along, right?). I currently have a 500gb HD, with a 2TB secondary drive. Can I set up a a 500gb partition on the 2TB drive to back up my main computer? What’s the best way to do that?

Ideally, I know I should get a couple external drives and back BOTH of the drives up. But that’s not in the budget right now, and the 500gb is the most important drive at the moment.

Windows as a backup utility built in. It may not be the best but it’s already paid for.

I use Retrospect, which came free with one of my external hard drives. I like it very much. I’m certain that there are freeware backup programs available. Go to the PC Magazine or Maximum PC websites and see if you can find any reviews of backup software. they usually include a few free ones.

Nero (and many other CD burning programs) have a backup utility built in. My recollection is that it only does it to disk. The problem with DVD backups is that it takes 8 to 10 disks to do 500gb (there is some compression). Forget 2TB.

I’ve had many drives fail and once lost 12 years worth of data including several databases that would take many years to reconstruct. You should back up the most important files on that 2TB disk to someplace safe like a DVD. I consider every disk more than three years old at risk.

I can’t find the edit button for some reason. I meant to say that Nero only goes to optical disk (CD or DVD)

I use a free program called Macrium Reflect. They have a free version (use google to find it). It will take a full image of your PC. You can save it to your secondary hard drive without even messing with setting up a second partition. It includes a basic bootable recovery disk to boot the computer too in case of failure so that you can restore.

Check out the free software listed at Gizmo for the most appropriate one for your use.

Awesome - that was incredibly easy. Thanks!

I would look around Snapfiles and look around. I found Easus does a decent back up. DriveImage XML is also pretty good. Macrium is also listed in that link above