Setting up Rock Band 3 for Wii

These questions have factual answers. It is not a discussion about the game; thus, I put this post in GQ instead of The Game Room. If the moderators disagree, no hard feelings on moving it. Thanks!

I’m bringing my RB stuff to a New Year’s Eve party.

What I’ve got:
[li]Wii[/li][li]RB2, TB:RB, RB3[/li][li]RB3 Keyboard[/li][li]1 Microphone[/li][li]1 Guitar Hero Guitar[/li][li]1 RB2 Wireless Drum kit[/li][li]1 RB2 Wireless Guitar (maybe… mine broke, awaiting replacement)[/li][/ul]

What I want is this:
[li]Maximum number of microphones[/li][li]2 guitars[/li][li]1 keyboard[/li][li]1 drum[/li][li]… all playing simultaneously[/li][/ul]

This is what “All Instruments Mode” is all about, right?

Regardless of AIM, What is the max number of microphones that can be used?

What if we dropped 1 guitar? That’s still 3 instruments + microphones. Would “All Instruments Mode” be necessary?

My RB2 wireless guitar mysteriously broke (no power). I’m waiting on a friend to send me his old one. So there’s a chance that the one and only guitar we’ll have will be the Guitar Hero one. Will this affect our ability to play 3 instruments + Max Mics? Will it affect our ability to play “All Instruments Mode”?

With respect to microphones, do the solo and harmony parts use separate players? Do I just choose the harmony parts and all N number of mics are registered to the one player?

Thanks! Just getting my ducks in a row so that I can buy the right stuff from Amazon before the shipping deadline.