Settle a ballet argument.

I argue…

that in Act III, Odile gets Prince Siegfried so hot to trot that when their dances conclude, he takes her to some secluded place in the castle where they make mad passionate love.

My wife says only that I have no basis for this argument (the inference being that I’m giving this my own horny interpretation).

So, balletomanes, please tell us who’s right.

I agree with you. I have nothing to base this on except my opinion though.

What does your wife think they are doing back there all alone? Playing crazy eights?

I agree, unless they’re too exhausted from all that dancing. But hey, dancers have lots of stamina.

Thank you, missbunny.

Are you the Ballet Lady who would have answered my other ballet question some months ago, if I had the courage to ask?

And, panache, I must say that it has to be true that great minds think alike. We’re all in accord - except, of course, for Mrs BarnOwl.

Fixed title (changed “arument” to “argument”).

There are ballet arguments?

Of course they are doing the nasty. Dance is hot. Dancing with another person is hot. Dancing with a hot person is hot. Dancing with a hot person who can dance really well is un-fucking-believable.

I never dance ballet, but I danced plenty. Many’s the time…er, I’ll leave that thought on the table.

Have you considered the prospect that they are doing the nasty ON STAGE. (in ballet form)

Oh, to be a table…

Happens all the time. Usually goes like this:

Wife: I bought tickets to the ballet!
Me: For the love of God, WHY?!
Wife: I really want to go!
Me: OK if it means that much to you. How much were they?
Wife: Fifty Gazzillion Dollars…
Me: :eek: <faint>

No way. Sex wasn’t invented until the 1960s. They were playing whist.

Oh! I thought you quit flirting with me after I met you and I was sad. Nice to see you back.

<snerk> How were our parents born, I wonder? Spontaneous generation? Or is there a lot more to whist than I always thought!

Pods. There was even a movie about it.

I forgot to mention, Indian dance has a dance like this. We did write the Kam-Sutr, (Kama Sutra to you folks) after all. I’ve never done it (my mom would have killed me), but the story goes, when the Destroyer Shiva was deep in his meditative trance, the goddess and god of love/lust, Rati & Kamdev, were doing their tandav nritya and disturbed him. Now this is always defined as a really passionate dance, with leaps and bounds and much looking into each other’s eyes, and we say they disturbed his meditative trance while doing it, but we all know what really happened.

They were banging each other so hard he woke up, is all, and the dance is meant to represent that. :cool:

You have to get at least four tricks in trump, I believe…

Is there enough time for them to have a quickie before Prince Siegfried sees Odette?

Don’t they come back and he sees her then?

Isn’t that why he’s mortified?