setup multiple inputs into coax only tv?

I have a friend who came to me and asked if I knew of a way to setup his old coax only tv to allow input from multiple sources. I think (for example he has a ps2 and wants to of course allow his cable tv also to run on the television. I thought for sure I’d be able to find the equivalent of an A/B switch to allow the user two switch from various inputs.

I suggested he buy a cheapo receiver. Any better / cheaper possibilities?

Look for an rf modulator. Some of them allow more than one source that you can switch between. Shouldn’t be more than $30-$60.

Something like this?

Or these -

Cheapest one is $2 but of course shipping will probably be more than the switch. If you have radio shack stores in your area they usually carry this sort of thing.

Useful gadget from walmart.