Seven deadly sins and God

I found the following to be very, very interesting.

Now, I dropped my chrisitian roots a long time ago due to my perceptions that the faith was based on a lot of stuff I didnt believe in. And this… this is just amusing to me. I have to wonder what fanatic christians will think of this.
So, thoughts?

I don’t consider myself a “fanatic Christian.” Am I still allowed to respond? :slight_smile:

While Christian, I’m also amused. I’m amused by a lot of irreverent stuff … but note that there’s a distinction between “irreverent” and “blashphemoush.” (Er, shorry, "blasphemous.)

My initial response to this is that God should not (and cannot?) be held to the same standard as us mortals. God is, by definition, perfect. God cannot sin. If God does anything to which we object, than the problem is ours – we obviously need to reexamine our relationship with Him* and our perception of Him.

I could nitpick the individual points, but I don’t think that’s necessary. The overall argument is flawed: God plays by His own rules.

*The masculine pronoun here is a convenience, not a theological conviction.