Seven deadly sins error

Wait, he already answered this in his first book. Don’t be a cheap bastard. If you really want to know about the man’s penis, cough up the dough.

“I guess I’ll have to learn about the Cecil Adams penis on the street”

One wonders what it’s like to be Mr. Adams and have everyone try to kiss your ass. Then again, one wouldn’t want to be in that position :stuck_out_tongue:

Monster, He actually addressed you DIRECTLY!!!

Oh my…the giddy elation…the joy that must have pulsed through your viens…it must have been like urinating on the third rail, without the burns and sparks.

I envy you, Monster. I envy you.

Cecil also made a mistake with conditional probability. He admitted it too


At first I thought to reply: “I don’t know. I don’t often get a chance to see it. Usually there’s some woman in the way.”

But then I thought, this is more than they need to know.

I gotta store that one away - God knows when I may be able to use it, but there’s gotta be an opportunity sometime this life.

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While the reaction of many posters is to smooch his behind, it’s not exactly de rigeur around here. For instance, in Why the lame columns lately?, Cecil received a fair amount of criticism from a number of posters. (Including me, naturally - I’m just like that, I guess. But as a result, Cecil singled me out from all the other Dopers. :))

Concerning Cecilian error, the Master had this to say:

“The mark of a truly great mind isn’t whether you’re right or wrong. It’s how well you can weasel out of a jam.”

(No, I can’t remember what column I pulled that from. But suffice it to say that Cecil gets out of jams quite well - with weaseling rarely necessary - and admits mistakes when he makes them.)

BTW, does anyone else think of the Guru Maharaj Ji when they see Cecil’s “Perfect Master” title? Or am I showing my age? :eek:

Quoth Mercutio:

From memory: I believe that the question was asking whether unusually well-endowed men pass out when aroused, as a result of the quantity of blood flowing to the member. Cecil’s answer was something along the lines of “All I can say, is that it’s never happened to me, bub”.

There was also his column on average penis size among various ethnic groups, but he doesn’t mention any of his own vital stats there (except that we can presume that he’s somewhere between 2 and 13 inches).

Oh my, RTF, does this mean that Cecil is really a DITWD sock puppet??? :eek:

The mind boggles.

Er…I think maybe that the Ignorance Eradicator DID make a mistake once (or this could be attributed to his joke writer, if he has one)
Unc Cece talks of silent monks “anodizing…animal figurines” whose “loose lips…zinc sheeps” The problem is, of course, that anodizing involves growing a thick layer of oxide on aluminum. Zincing sheep would be a galvanizing event.

Anodizing zinc

Well, M. there are certain “conventions” around here with respect to Cecil Adams. The first you should be aware of is that it is a fanciful pen name for someone else who wishes to remain anonymous. The U.S. PTO (patent and trademark office) has an old application which more or less states this under oath. The second is that Cecil does not admit he is wrong, but weasels learned “clarifications” in the place of retractions, etc. These can be rather amusing in the contortions, and are usually even better than the facts.

There’s one mistake that has bugged me for a while. I mentioned it before, I think.

In the column about pi, Cecil was taken to task about how many zeroes would be in the radius of the universe, I believe, and Cecil admitted his mistake. The only problem is, he did not make a mistake–his original answer was more or less correct.