Seven Year Old Lady of the Lake

Matilda Jones found a sword in Dozmary Pool in Cornwall, which supposed to be where Bedivere returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.

Her dad thinks it’s a movie prop. It’s certainly not all that old.
The sword doesn’t look at al like the prop from Excalibur, or from any other Arthurian film I’ve seen. (And they probably wouldn’t have filmed them at Dozmary Pond, either). Maybe from some locally-made documentary. who knows.

Really cool, though.

I’m guessing someone threw the sword in there originally precisely because of the lakes connection to the Arthur myths.

Pretty cool for a seven-yr-old in any event.

From the article:

“Coincidentally” my ass. Dad planted it there to give his little girl a fun thrill.

Those zany Brits and their pond littering!

I’m totally ready for an all-female reboot of CAMELOT.

Won’t you be surprised when Queen Matilda takes the throne with a re-awakened Merlin as her Chief Minister. :wink:

A List is already being compiled.

I, for one, welcome our new Arthurian Rulers.

The porn parody will of course be called Cameltoe.

Tell me about it.

They found the Space Station from 2001 out in a field:

Now look, she can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because the watery tart found a scimitar in a lake.

I don’t know, Queen Matilda probably has powers of her own.

That’s off, referring to pre-teens.

Eh, I didn’t associate the comment with having a cast of the people from the news article.

I agree that it can’t be very old. In the picture, it’s still got a leather wrapping on the hilt.

Where are our sword geeks? If wikipedia has it right, King Arthur would have lived somewhere between 450 and 550 AD. This one came a couple of centuries after. Sutton Hoo is a couple of centuries later, too.

It looks a lot like a claymore produced by a local armory for sword geeks. Strictly a show-piece.

I have a Civil War sword my Grandfather found that looks worse than that. Can anyone guess how long it had been underwater?

Does Matilda have a half-sister? Named Morgan, perhaps?

I remember when a Dalek was found in a lake a few years back

I don’t know about that…I’d expect a magical sword to resist the elements pretty darn well.