Seven's neural patterns have disappeared...we've lost her...

That’s as in Seven of Nine, of Star Trek Voyager, and I just wanna say that this show sucks SO BAD, and I thought they had canceled it, they had this BFD last May, “the final episode!”, and I thought, “Ex-cel-LENT, now I never have to listen to that banal dialogue again”, but it’s still ON, my son is still in the living room listening to it every night at 6 p.m. on WB.


My neural patterns are the ones that are disappearing.

That show bit the big one but we can’t get nostaligic for it if it won’t go away.

Voyager is cancelled. Your son has been watching repeats. And if he doesn’t stop, he’ll go blind.

I don’t think Voyager was cancelled, I think it was voluntarily ended after its seven (?) year run, like all the other Star Trek series since TNG. Lord knows it should have been cancelled years ago, but let’s all just be happy that it’s over. Except for the reruns. The endless reruns…

[sub]the horror, the horror[/sub]

I swear Enterprise will be better! (OK, they reneged on not putting the Vulcan in a catsuit, but still! Really! I promise!)


Unless at least one of the following conditions are met -

  1. taut, DS9esque plotting with significant, consistent story arcs and mature, credible character advancement
  2. two male crewmembers screwing the dilithium out of one another
  • I seriously doubt it.

Rumor has it they’re going to make the Chief Engineer queer, but you know how rumors go…


I just keep saying that all hardcore trekkies should be calling for the Voyager producer’s blood, since that show weakened the series far more than anything else. But if you visit the Spacebattles message boards, they eat up the crap.

It ruined the only cool thing about Star Trek: The Borg. What was once a mysterious, all-powerful force of nature became a bunch of pathetic grouping of namby-pamby sissyboys, with a collective (pun intended) IQ of three (the exact number of fans who liked Neelix!).

I haven’t been able to watch any Star Trek episodes for about 4 years now…But back in April I saw an episode of DS9 or Voyager (I couldn’t tell, all of the characters were from DS9, but they were in the Voyager ship)…Oh my god was it bad. In the middle of nowhere, got attacked, chased the baddies into some astroid cluster meets nebulae, went through the list of malfunctions (sensors out, warp-rive problems, shields at only 20%, etc. etc. etc.), got into a fight again, everyone leaned left, then right when they got hit, and at the last moment they saved the day!

It was SOOOO bad.


Do you have any idea how offensive that term is?!! We have a lot of gay posters on this board, and I don’t think they will appreciate …

Sua :smiley:

Not to mention all the innocent engineers out there…

They did the same thing to Q.

In an early draft of the pilot script, they had the Chief Engineer nailing the hardbody female Vulcan. As I understand it, this scene got cut from the final script they approved and shot, but don’t get your hopes up.

I guess someone reminded them about pon farr. You know, the bit about how Vulcans can only have sex when in heat and it only happens every seven years.

Oh yeah, that’s right, one of the fact-checkers had to explain fundamental Trek mythos to the fucking executive producer.

I’d really like this show to be cool.

I can’t imagine how it could be.

Oh, and the script for the next Trek movie is supposed to be camel dung, also.

Have a nice day.

Hey now! Y’all cut that out. Right now! I’m a diehard Trekkie, I love Star Trek, ANY and ALL Star Trek. Well, actually, I never got to watch Voyager, my cable company doesn’t carry UPN. And that pisses me off. All I ever got to see was eppies my sis taped for me. Few and far between.

(sub)Of course, the fact that my brain cells were warped :smiley: at the tender age of 8…(/sub)

Oh, and two guesses whether the English weapons officer will pronounce lieutenant “leftenant” as he would be expected to.

The hologram of Moriarty on TNG always said “leftenant.” If they got it right then, maybe they’ll get it right this time as well.

I just found out that the English officer is played by an English actor, (Dominic Keating) so maybe he’ll pronounce it correctly.

Oh, I don’t know. Picard was played by an English actor, and he never did.