Sex/Aids Q

A quick little question, any help would be apprciated. Can AIDS be aquired by a man from a woman who gives him head?
I can understand how in that situation a woman would get it from a man. But are any fluids that carry AIDS transfered from the woman to the man?

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It was initially claimed that the HIV can be transmitted by saliva, but that claim has been withdrawn. There are no known cases of that happening. For one thing, saliva has some natural antiviral elements in it. HIV is a very fragile virus, until it ensconces in some unfortunate host.

I was told by an AIDS outreach worker that HIV can be passed on through saliva - but that you’d have to drink a whole bucket of the stuff for there to be any chance of contracting the virus.

When it comes to oral sex, the risk mainly comes from having cuts or sores in the mouth, particularly if they are bleeding. In this instance, it’s best to either rubber up, or abstain from oral sex altogether.

It has also been said that it’s not a good idea to clean your teeth before oral sex - if your gums get inflamed and bleed, it can provide the HIV virus with a way to get into your system.

Not my gums. Her gums. They would need to bleed in order for me to have a chance of being infected.

Here’s the scenario where you are at risk: she has a cut/sore/bleeding gums in her mouth AND you have a sore/cut/fissure/abrasion/etc. on your penis.

A possible situation, but low-risk as far as sex goes. If you’re really worried, suit up.

It’s rare, but indeed possible. Also, it’s HIV you want to ask about.

Today on WebMD, the following appeared:

In building on previous studies that suggested saliva’s healing abilities, researchers studied mice that lack the gene for SLPI [secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor]. These animals’ wounds worsened. “The researchers said that without the presence of SLPI to act as a molecular brake, a cascade of events occurs that results in the destruction of tissue and impaired wound healing.”

SLPI has been linked to the suppression of HIV in saliva. Maybe this is why HIV is not transmitted through kissing.

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