Sex education

I think that at adolescence, young people should be taught about sex in a systematic way. I mean there should be live demonstrations in the classroom by trained professionals who could explain and demonstrate techniques so that people don’t spend half their life learning by trial and error what hundreds of generations learned before them and didn’t pass on to the next. The development of a healthy attitude, especially on the part of boys, would be a large part of the cirriculum. The result would be a young adult population with a healthier, more responsible attitude toward sex who are prepared to be knowledgeable and sensitive sex partners. They would not, as all previous generations, have their heads stuffed with myths they learn from ill informed siblings and which they had to learn half a lifetime unlearning, if they ever do at all. Let the discussion begin!

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Dammit, that stuff should be taught by the parents! Mom and Dad should invite the kids into the bedroom the next time they feel horny, and show the tikes the right method. This way, the schools won’t teach our children positions that we don’t want them to learn. :slight_smile:

“learning by trial and error what hundreds of generations learned before them and didn’t pass on to the next.”

Aw, hell, that’s part of the fun. . .

Serioulsy, though, I think you are assuming a much more monolithic culture than we actually have. I am not arguing gainst basic sex ed, but as far as a “healthy attitude” goes, I doubt you could find two people who would agree on what that was, so how would you define a cirriculum? For instance, the first part of my “healthy attitude” would be that sex is too special and private to preform in front of a group of snotty-nosed adolecents with fellow “trained professionals,” so that’s a problem right there.

I would like to clarify here that I think some sex ed is a very good idea–kids need to know about birth control and STDs, lest they do something that ruins the rest of their lives. But trying to teach the right way to think about sex or the right way to “do it” seems beyond the scope of the school–it’d be like teaching the “right” way to think about god.

My biggest complaint would be tht such an extensive program would take hours and hours every year, and be one more damn thing taking time away from the real business of the schools, which is to teach. How to have good sex is something you can figure out on your own–calculus is harder.

Schools? You’d trust schools to do something like this? Get real.

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Responsibilty, healthy attitude, dispelling myths, sure. (“How could I be pregnant, we only did it once?”) But technique? From everything I read, see, and hear there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of sexual knowledge out there. It’s knowledge of math, science, history, etc., that seems to be in short supply.

In your scenario, will we be addressing homosexuality? Just curious.

She wasn’t sure what to do, so she looked at how the government did things and decided to run her life that way.

Will there be “hands-on” demonstrations, and lab work?

One of my aunts claims that for the first Christmas after she started college she gave each of her younger siblings a copy of “The Joy Of Sex” and lived to tell about it.

That’s probably a better education than anything that could be done in school.

Oh, I’m gonna keep using these #%@&* codes 'til I get 'em right.

Sex education is nothing about what the OP is. Sex is meant for procreation only. Actually enjoying it is secondary. Ask any Catholic…

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Well, any Catholic besides me. :slight_smile: But I already know I’m going to hell, so who cares.

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