Sex in the street -- what reaction would you expect?

Here’s how they reacted in Russia!

I’m surprised there were no complaints at all, especially since it was two men. I’d have thought there would have been at least some complaints, even if it had been in San Francisco – let alone Russia.

But then, some pretty weird shit seems to be going down in Russia – check out some of the headlines below that article:

Teenage Girl Buries Aunt Alive For Selling Dog To Barbecue Shop

Participant of Sex Dolls Rafting Tournament Disqualified For Sexual Abuse of Apparatus

And this from a seemingly reputable paper, based on its homepage…

In Soviet Russia, road does it in you!

:smiley: Nice one.

I dunno, that paper looks to have the credibility of the weekly world news to me. Still, the inflatable dool race is perfectly credible. I knew a group of skydivers that used one as landing spot for an accuracy contest.

“But boy was The Invisible Man pissed.”

They got along swimmingly.

The girl’s name? Nastya Horina. Or maybe that’s just an epithet the paper used.

Oral sex ain’t sex!
Bill C. :smiley:

I don’t think any reputable paper would use the term “blow job” for oral sex.

And besides . . . in Soviet Russia, cock sucks you!

Those are some strange stories!

And then there’s:

Madonna’s Face Torn to Pieces
by radical Orthodox activists

(no, the article wasn’t written by radical orthodox activists; they tore up a poster of her to protest her presence at an upcoming concert)

Oh yeah, and how the heck can you be both radical and orthodox at the same time?

“No one will be watching us…
Why don’t we do it in the road?”

Because no one will be watching us, silly. Let’s go downtown.

On another site, I saw dozens of pix of the Bubble Baba sex doll race. Part of the entry fee paid for rental of the doll.