'sex offender' hysteria - play along at home!


He tries to give this dumb kid a lesson that’ll save her dumb life from being ended by her apparently underdeveloped survival instinct. And for his trouble, this is what he gets. Can the law get any stupider?

This is a real victory for the Nancy-Grace-loving nutters of America. Congratulations! Way to destroy people for the simple reason that you’re unable to stop projecting your own sick fantasies on them! Sex offenders, my fucking ass.

Didn’t you know Cook County has the worlds most advanced PreCrime division in the world?

Common sense.

RIP 20…


Oh, then all is well. As long as it’s Tom Cruise at the helm, I’ll just stay home and swoon… to the tune… of little aliens in June… (whoops, I’m a day late for that last part). Probably gauche to hijack my own thread on the third post. I’ll stop now.

What possible purpose could this ruling serve? How is it of benefit for anybody? What possible motive could the judge have for making this ruling? Does he actually believe what’s coming out of his own mouth?

It is not so much that is has a purpose, that it is required by the law, I suppose.

If the judge can not make a value judgement rather than blindly following the letter of the law, then he shouldn’t be sitting on the bench.

Is it possible to sue the courts for defamation of character?
Maybe there is more to this case and it does make sense (like the guy tried to get the girl into his car) but somehow I doubt it.

It almost harkens back to the 1980s, and some of the hysteria cases.

Most people who’ve had the bad fortune of being involved in a newspaper story will tell you that newspaper reporters seem to be horrible hacks who will put any spin on a story and don’t seem to have problems inventing quotes out of thin air.

That said, I have to think the story is more-or-less accurate in the facts. If anything more than an arm grab had gone on, the media vultures (and opportunistic local authorities) would’ve played it up in “Watch as we crucify a leering prevert!” mode.

I think.

Let’s hope the ACLU picks up his case…

Gotta disagree with you here… If the law is wrong, the legislature should change it. Maybe by making a sex offense a necessary condition of being put on the sex offender registry, and then passing a bill to get this guy taken off it.

Yeah. I’m sure there’ll be legislators lining up to be the ones who “weakened” “sex offender” laws.

I understand what you’re saying, but… good luck.

If anything, they’ll modify the law, but it won’t do this guy any good.

I am a parent have absolutely zero tolerance or sympathy for people who commit sex offenses against anyone, but especially children (as I am sure most people are). But, if the facts in the article are accurate, this really pisses me off. Is there anyone we can write to about this case? Would it do any good?

This sounds a little familiar. :wink:

Well, he did say:

It’s going to help ensure that this guy doesn’t go around grabbing teenagers, but if he does, the DA’ll be ready for him.

Oh, the system is most certainly fucked up, and sex offender hysteria is reaching a ridiculous degree, but I don’t think that should give judges a license to use their own values as a guide instead of the law.

While grabbing a 14 year old stranger is unacceptable, making him register as a sex offender is completely over the top.

If I understand the article correctly, “unlawful restraint of a minor” is a sex offense, he did restrain her, so he’s a sex offender, so he has to register as such.

It seems that the judge wasn’t at fault. The statutes are.