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Sex roommates.

Is this a form of prostitution, or little different than many a live in girlfriend. Its not like you are required to accept any given offer, if you don’t want to have sex with the guy don’t go there. Plenty of women I have met off the net via personals were basically looking for someone to take care of them while they eventually became a good little housewife.

I’m quite sure the statutes for prostitution quite solidly cover “other compensation” but with this type of scenario…on paper, if this is illegal, hundreds of thousands of unemployed unmarried women living with men could be considered prostitutes. If so could you call the police on your neighbor because hes supporting a girlfriend? How would the courts legally differentiate a sex for rent that is working out well from a true girlfriend arrangement?

I am kinda torn on this issue, it is potentially very exploitative to younger people especially women trying to escape messy home lives or desperate college students looking for a way to survive without the heavy living expenses. At the same time it gets very close to outlawing live in girlfriends as prostitutes which I’m sure many conservative religious groups would love to see.

So are we about to take another step into legislating morality, is the live in SO in legal danger?


I’m going to come down on the side of trying to fight it as, having a girl enslaved why shouldn’t he beat her, keep her tied up, prostitute her to his friends, etc. With them living together, there’s no time limit to play what mind games need to be played.

This could just as easily happen with a regular personal ad. Its not like a respondent would be required to move in immediately, meeting and at least taking a look at each other first is probably part of the plan. Kinda seems like the craigslist game is just dropping the facade and asking for what they want up front. Creepy, but honest.

Answers will probably vary wildly depending on the local statutes. Common-law marriage springs to mind, for example.

The big issue is if the guy says, “You can stay here for free, but I get sex.” In other words, name the act and the amount, and in a lot of places, it’s prostitution.

You’d think the law would have better things to do than this, but then again, a sheriff in Texas started arresting bar patrons for being drunk in public, so go figure. Ladies, if you’re out of work and you’re still living with your boyfriends, you might want to get it in writing that your staying there is not contingent upon performing sexual favors. YMMV wildly, though.

Quite possibly this could be the requirement. To be certain there’s always going to be the ditz, hates her parents and will do anything to get out of the house people–and though they are in potential danger as well, they’re probably not who we are talking about here. Most prostitutes are young girls escaping (generally unsuccessfully) from abusive home situations, and then picked up by a pimp of some shade. Now theoretically you could just view these guys as being the New Pimp, but a pimp is out to make money not to blow it. But regardless, the girl is most likely not going to be ending up in the guys parlor because she had many options in life. And from there, she isn’t going to have anywhere to go and whereas a regular pimp is going to have her out turning tricks because this is how he makes a living, the New Pimp has a twenty-four hour sex doll. Entirely reconfigurable. And no one must know.

I imagine evicting someone who decided to stop paying “rent” would make for a very interesting legal dispute.

As to whether it’s right or wrong, I’m all for legalizing prostitution, so I don’t see anything that the state should regulate here. It’s not even a public health issue, since it’s a (presumably) monogamous relationship.

I do understand the moral theory behind prostitution being made legal. Just from what I know of the actual sex trade rather that the theoretical one–and then just truly scary individuals, for something like this I would be fearful that, as stated, these would be people who want their own doll. That sounds not all that bad as itself I realise, but having met such people (long live Japan) this really is about the scariest thing I can think of.

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Just simply, what person wants a live-in love slave? These boards are already rife with the argument everywhere that power absolutely always corrupts. But usually we are talking of power over money, not humans.

Certainly if two people are mutually using each other as is probably something pretty frequently done in real life then fine, but if up-front it’s a stated deal that one of them is entirely dependant on the other and must keep the other pleased–plus we are still living in a society where this must be secret–personally I just wonder what exactly attracted that guy to this way of getting his jollies. They might not be total Hannibal Lecters for certain–probably not even most of the time–but I still would tend to think that regular hitting is going to be a bigger part of the deal than sweet words.

And apologies for the scare tactics. Just even though I haven’t seen the jintai kaizou sites for seven or eight years now, it’s what the OP caused to come to fore in my mind.

Look, most of us have to do things for money, at one time or another, that we would not do if we were in a better financial situation. Why is bartering sex ipso facto “exploitative”?

The actual sex trade is sometimes brutal or dangerous at least in part because it is illegal; prostitutes cannot collect their fees in court, nor call on the police to protect them from rough Johns or violent pimps. In fact, prostitutes need pimps mainly because their trade is illegal.

Possibly a very silly question (dispel my ignorance!), but is prostitution actually illegal in the U.S.? Here in the U.K., it actually isn’t: the offences are typically soliciting and living off immoral earnings.

Yes, prostitution, as such, is illegal in every U.S. state but Nevada; and even there it’s illegal in some jurisdictions, including Las Vegas.

Well since I doubt anyone with 3 firing brain cells is going to put this in writing as such an arrangement kicking out an s/o against thier will is already a challenging legal process and if they want to dig in and not do something royally stupid could require months to force the issue. Such a situation would also have to be somehow established to prevent abuse. Example: I catch my g/f cheating on me and tell her to get the hell out, she goes to the cops and says we had a “sex for room and board deal”, do I now get busted because “she said so”, even with nothing to back it up.

Cracking down on this could lead to some ugly fallout if the courts are not careful.

Personally I don’t think it really is. Two adults want to excahnge room and board for sex, fine by me. Even the manipulative aspects of it could still easily be kinder and gentler than the tactics you would encounter buying a new car. If its done on similar circumstances one might approach any live in g/f I really see nothing wrong with it.

If it is somehow fraudulent for example hunting for women at the unemployment and or welfare office who you know are probably in a bad place and leveraging that to press your advantage. Show up in a nice car and offer to take her out to lunch or something. Be as charming as possible to get her in then start getting controlling and demanding once she leaves her current living arangement and has little if any income to get back out of your home.

Sounds like the “furniture girls” in Soylent Green. In fact I wonder if any ambitious apartment/condo developer has ever tried that…

Thank you very much for the advice, but what would be “fraudulent” about any of that?

OK maybe more like bringing her in under false pretense, make it look like an S/O thing till you have her moved in then crank up the demands.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really think that sex roomates should be illegal, I am all for regulated legalized prostitution and that this subject is just kinda a less warm fuzzy version of what many people already do.

Sage Rat, you are seriously overreacting. I’ve known people who’ve done this before (on both sides) and none of my female friends who did this type of thing were dismembered and eaten. I was offered a no sex version of it earlier last month, but I turned it down because of some annoying personal habbits he had.


Isn’t it also legal in South Dakota?

[whispering] cm, there is no South Dakota.

“S/O” thing? You mean, deceiving the woman that she’s going to be your significant other/girlfriend instead of your slave-concubine? Or, on the contrary, deceiving her that sex will not be part of the arrangement? But how would “S/O” apply to the latter?