Sex with an animal

Good evening,

Simply wondering if any of your statistics take into consideration canine digital manipulation?


Column in question.
Has 1 in 8 people had sex with an animal?

Yes. Sorry, new here.

Probably not - dogs generally aren’t good at math.

Since the definitions used in some of the statistics in the article qualify “to the point of orgasm” then that’s probably the qualifier you’re looking for. But I think all of the numbers are self-reported, so the decision of what qualifies or not is largely made by the person answering the question.

I’m sure many of you have figured out by now that my title, Elephant Whisperer, is just a euphemism.

Sssssssuuure it is!

Why did you feel the need to tell us that?


wtf just happened here?

How does something like this get self reported? Is there a phone number you can call to boast about your accomplishment? Do they scan the letters in Penthouse Magazine (This never happened to me before, but…)?

You certainly couldn’t do this through phone surveys.

There are programs that scan tweets for up and coming social trends .That could be it. And, it would also explain why I do my utmost to avoid Twitter: #hadsexwithrover

All kinds of psychology and sociology data relies on self-reported information. Probably the simplest option is to hand everyone a survey that they complete anonymously so they don’t feel pressured to tell you what they think you want to hear. One of Cecil’s statistics comes from the staff and patients of a psychiatric hospital, so it would be easy to hand out such a questionnaire to everyone.

From a scientific standpoint, collecting the data is the easy part. To actually make meaningful conclusions, you have to be careful about how your group is selected so that they represent the population you want to talk about.

And some flat out lie for shits and giggles. I lied on surveys when i was younger, back then when you got survey’s in the mail, they used to even send you 2 quarters with it, I guess to get you to do it . In 8th grade we took one asking about drugs/cigarrettes/sex…etc and I didn’t know any other student that didn’t lie or exaggerate for fun.

And some leave their computers unattended.

If it’s really true that 1 in 8 people has had sex with an animal, that animal must be getting pretty tired by now.

Check peoples coat pockets to make sure they’re not cut off.

You know, some people make a living doing that. Does that count?

Obligatory bull-semen collection video (could be considered NSFW):

It’s been 10+ years, but twickster called it spot on!

… it depends what the meaning of “is” is…