Has 1 in 8 people had sex with an animal?

Well I for one would agree that this is a rather accurate figure. However if you was to start a poll of how many people have fantasized about having sex with animals and/or the number of persons that would seriously consider at least trying it the percentage would be much higher. But on the other side of the equation, if you were to take a poll on the number of people who have committed their life to have a life long relationship with their pets “those considered as a TRUE zoophile” this number would be conciderably smaller perhaps as low as 1 in 12 or 8%.
Just for the record I would like to let all know these figures are my own opinions, based on the number of people I have talked with online regarding this issue, I for one am one of those 1 in 12.

Welcome to THE STRAIGHT DOPE MESSAGE BOARD, Duke, we’re glad to have you with us.

It helps if you provide a link to the column upon which you are commenting, so that others can follow what you’re reacting to. It will be especially helpful in a few weeks, when this column has fallen into the archives.

The column being referred to is, of course, Has 1 in 8 people had sex with an animal?

Oh for goodness sakes BlackDuke…do you REALLY believe EVERYTHING you hear, or are you just seeking confirmation/affirmation about the ‘popularity’ of your own proclivities? If your ‘poll’ was taken online, how can you be sure of the bona-fides of the respondents? Are you sure they weren’t taking you for a (pony) ride???

Are you seriously saying that ‘1 in 12 people’ are dead-set zoophiles?
Methinks not, but then I lead a sheltered existence (and not an ANIMAL shelter either!!)

Jeeeeesus…now I’ve heard it all.

Yes I honestly do believe the 1 in 8 as being pretty close, and the 1-12 might be a bit high, it was only a guess, but if stated another way I would say out of all the people that have sex with animals on a regular basis only about half would be true zoos. So assuming the 1 in 8 is correct then about half of those could be concidered true zoos. Perhaps this might be a more resonable number for you, but you must face fact that there are a lot of folks out there that are into this lifestile, and you would never know it from normal conversation with the person.

Methinks not. I understand you are lamely trying to justify your lifestyle, but no, statistically, I am very sure there are not a lot of people into your lifestyle.

You know, I’m starting to grow a little weary of these people who feel compelled to say that zoophilia isn’t common. Maybe they have some sort of a hidden agenda.

Think about it. When someone says “No, not only do I find this unappealing to me personally, but I must also conclude that no one else could conceivably do this. It’s so disgusting, I can’t even imagine it being done by anyone. Ever!”


How transparent can you possibly be! You’re like the homophobes, who say “Ewww! That’s so SICK! How could a man want to have sex with another MAN? I think I’m gonna throw up! Don’t try to shove your lifestyle down my throat! Get it out of my face!”

While the number of TRUE zoophiles may only be 1 in 8, I bet the number who’ve done some experimentation with animals has to be over 50%.

]You know, I’m starting to grow a little weary of these people who feel compelled to say that zoophilia is common. Maybe they have some sort of a hidden agenda.

Think about it. When someone says “Why, not only do I find this appealing to me personally, but I must also conclude that everyone else does this. It’s so great, I can’t even imagine it being done by less than 1 person in 8!”


How transparent can you possibly be! You’re like those Masters & Johnson apologists, who insist that 10% of all Americans are homosexual, because 10% of all the people who answered the survey had had at least one homosexual experience, without acknowledging that the sample was self-selecting for the sexually adventurous.

While the number of zoophiles among your friends and aquaintances may be 1 in 8, I bet the number who limit their affection with animals to a hug and a peck on the nose is well over 95% in the general population.

Will someone PLEASE think of the animals??

How do you think THEY feel being ‘raped’ by some hairy neanderthal who reckons that anything with an orifice is fair game?

I reckon this needs to be taken to the pit!

And if you reckon I ‘Protesteth too much’ HERE, you wanna check me out THERE!

Oh I do very much think of the animals, and tell me how does one rape a male dog and force it to stick his tool into a human being?? You think he is suffering while on a persons back doing what is natral for him? You tend to want to think that the animal being used is a female, but even the females enjoy it, just the same as two human lovers enjoy haveing sex with each other. It is not abuse in any fashion.
And yes there are many of us out in the world, just not that many willing to talk about it. After all not really many that talk about ther personal sex life, the ones that do most likely have to fabrircate something interesting ti talk about, because they really don’t have a sex live to talk about.

Oral sex?

I think many more people must have fondled an animal
(such as a pet dog). I did it once and still feel guilty, although my dog liked it.

Having sex with an animal is all of the above: Intercourse, oral, fondling. As for someone that is a zoophile though is not a person that has an animal just for the purpose of having sex with it. A true zoophile is one that developes a life long relationship with the animals, the animals in question are treated as well or better than a spouse or lover. The number of people that have had sexual intercourse with an animal is quite high indeed, but the number of people who like myself have develpoed a life long relationship with their pets, is much smaller, but higher than many people would think.

Black Duke you do realize, don’t you, that you are a truly sick individual in need of some serious mental health intervention. I have two dogs that I am in love with but I do not make love with them. I have another * human*with whom I mated and procreated. That is doing what comes natural.

I don’t think your numbers are correct. Did you get your info from www.Ifuckmypets.com? It is not the norm for people to have sex with their pets. AGAIN I WANT TO MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR AND SAY THAT IT IS MORALLY WRONG, UNNATURAL AND ABUSIVE IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD TO FUCK THE DOG! OK? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP THIS.

The dog may not protest because it loves and trusts you to do the right thing. Dogs can be taught to do any number of things if their master wishes it because they perceive the master as the alpha dog. By their nature, dogs are pack animals and follow the heirarchy of the pack because it increases their chance of survival. The alpha dog is usually (but not in this case) the oldest and wisest and pup looks to him for guidance.

Just because it does not appear to be in pain and participates willingly does not mean it is not being abused. The dog does not know that you are mentally ill. But I do.

IMHO your arugument is no better than someone who molests a child and says “this is different, I am not a pedophile, I love him/her”. I am not saying that animal abuse is on the same level as child abuse because it definitely is not. Child abuse is clearly a more reprehensible act but the underlyng rationalization seems to be the same.

If you care even a little for your dog you will give it to someone who does not see it as a sexual object. If you truly love it, you will have it euthanized because if it interacts with humans as you suggest, it is damaged beyond redemption and should be euthanized.

Please seek some professional help. If not for your sake, then the dog’s. I pray that you will. I grieve for the pup.

The Mermaid- “If you truly love it, you will have it euthanized because if it interacts with humans as you suggest, it is damaged beyond redemption and should be euthanized.

This is absolutely absurd. Why should a pet have to die just because it has had sex with a human? How do you know that the dog doesn’t enjoy it?? How do you know it’s ‘damaged beyond redemption’??? Wouldn’t you expect a dog to bite you if you did something to it that it didn’t like???

And what is your opinion of the Koreans who drink ‘dog juice’ and eat ‘dog meat’ regularly. How is it that some people can KILL dogs for food and no one cares, but if, God forbid, you should have oral sex with a dog it is some sort of an atrocity?

And what exactly are YOUR credentials to advise him to seek mental health intervention? Please share them with us.

Not presuming to speak for The Mermaid, but the DSM IV lists zoophilia as a sexual disorder, code 302.9, Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified. If you see a mental health professional and tell them you’ve been having sex with your dog/goat/stallion, you’re going to most likely be diagnosed as having a mental illness. Also, while eating dogs is culturally appropriate in some societies, I am not aware of any society at any time where sex with animals was considered “normal” behavior.

And yes, I know that it wasn’t long ago (20 years or so) that the DSM listed homosexuality as a disorder. It changed, due to many factors, including a widespread acceptance by society that homosexuality is not abnormal. Be honest; do you really think that society is ever going to accept bestiality in the same way?

Well, the closest I’ve ever come to having a sexual encounter with a pet was when my cat decided to play “hunt the mouse” with my morning erection. This is why kitty sleeps outside now. Still, I don’t see the big deal about beastiality. I mean, how is this worse than, say, slaughtering and eating them? I’m not really convinced it’s animal abuse, either, since I don’t think animals really get the concept of “mutual consent.” At least, I’ve never had a dog ask permission before mounting my leg. (“No means no, Scruffy!”)

Anyway, beastiality: not my cup of tea, but no reason for to flip out about it.

A proper discussion in this forum would be commentary on the facts in the column. A discussion on the moral aspects of zoophilia doesn’t belong in this forum, as it wasn’t really the subject of the article. As I don’t see any way that this thread can be “turned back” to a subject matter related to the article, and since the tone of the thread is slowly becoming more heated, I will close this thread and ask the participants to continue the discussion in a more appropriate forum.