Why it is wrong to have sex with your pets.

In this rightfully locked link about zoophilia I stated that I felt that if a dog had been trained to have sex with humans it should be euthanized.

Someone who apparently supports petlove questioned my reasoning and I want to take this opportunity to elaborate. If a dog is having sex with you he/she will view you as subordinate. A dog who perceives himself to be a human’s equal if not superior is not controllable and an uncontrollable dog is not safe to be around humans.

I have dogs and love them dearly but they must socialized properly and know how to sit, stay or come or they are a pain in the ass to be around.

Not that it is relevant, I am an RN with mental health experience since 1984. But it doesn’t take any experience to figure out that having intercourse with your pets is very very wrong and anyone who believes otherwise is mentally ill.

I have no problem with eating the meat of any animal raised for that purpose be it cow, pig or dog. When you start looking at an animal as a substitute for human companionship then Yeah I have a problem with that and you should too.

I just drop it down to a consent issue. I don’t think animals can give informed consent to sex with people.

I guess that could be filled out more with elaborations on the people-animal equality thing, but it all comes down to consent for me.

TM, can you more completely explain the connection with your understandable disquiet about ‘petlove’ and your wish to euthanize animals involved?

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Thanks Mermaid. I too started a thread in response to a thread in Cecil’s Columns about screwing animals, but alas, it was not taken seriously…lots of jokes, bugger-all constructive comment.

I too reckon the (sub) human fuckwits that practice bestiality ought to have their heads read (and their appendages lopped). It IS just plain cruel to the animals concerned, and there can be no justification for it.

One of the things I love about this Board – seemingly rational people seriously discuss thing like the morality of screwing pets, and argue in favor of it.

If that’s not a testimony to the belief that every issue has two legitimate sides, I don’t know what is.

She said that the animals involved are being trained to view humans as submissive, so presumably she is concerned that they will be a threat to other people and should be euthanized for the safety of the community.

I believe I stated it as clearly and succintly as possible in the OP but for you I will try to use smaller words.

If you let Fido put his thing in your thing, he will think you are just his bitch and treat you like one. Got that?

Once Fido thinks you are his bitch it will be nearly impossible to make him think otherwise cause you know having a bitch is pretty cool. If you try to tell him you don’t want to be his bitch he will tell you he doesn’t care what you want. YOU’RE the bitch remember? Now deal with it.

I’m confused. Pet love = twisted and immoral… I follow and agree up to that point, but please explain how it follows that dogs that have had sex with humans will see them as subordinates and furthermore will need to be euthanized. That strikes me as a remarkable bit of predictive pet psychology.

I also feel it is not a safe assumption that someone who objects to putting a dog down who has been abused in this way is necessarily in favor of the abuse itself. Did I miss a more explicit statement that would lead one to draw that conclusion?

I didn’t see that explanation when I posted, but I’m still confused. Dogs live in an abusive patriarchal society, and once one has sex with a human they will consider that human to be subservient? The bastards! I don’t remember seeing that on Wild Kingdom. I follow the logic, but I’m unconvinced. Is there anything to support this belief? Would that not seem to imply that a dog that ‘mates’ with your leg is potentially dangerous (or is at least incorrigible.)

I love my dogs. I love all animals. I do want hunt down and kill any pet that has tried to hump daddy’s leg even if that is a sign that they are trying to dominate you. That is not what I am talking about.

With dogs it all about who is dominant and who is submissive. If you can’t understand why a dog that thinks he is your superior is dangerous then you don’t understand dogs.

I will offer a few facts for you to interpret as you see fit. Do you recall the recent case where the two married lawyers in San Fransisco were convicted of murder when their dogs mauled a womam to death right in her own doorway. Are you aware that the owners were having sex with the animals. Are you aware that the dog initiated his attack on the victim by attempting to mate with her and when she refused he killed her and the female joined in out of jealosy.

I realize that the dogs were an extremely dangerous breed and that this is an extreme case but if you don’t think that your average 50 pounds dog couldn’t hurt you if it wanted to then you are just naive. Any dog that thinks he is the boss of a human and not the other way around is permanently damaged. Period.

That should read I do NOT want to hunt down and kill all dogs that hump daddy’s leg. Gah!

Is it alright if a guy sticks his thing into a dog? The dog would definitely know who’s boss then.

Your OP has several flaws in it’s argument, but this ain’t GD so I’ll just say:

Why the fuck am I defending beastiality? :stuck_out_tongue:

Err, since the dogs had not had sex with the victim, how did they automatically assume they were superior? It doesn’t fit your premise, as well as being completely anecdotal.

And societal stereotypes aside, were is the link between sex and dominance for dogs?

I’m not trying to be argumentative here. You may well be right, but at present your reasoning appears flawed.

Mermaid: I’m not sure your euthanasia argument necessarily follows. A buddy of mine has two Australian Shepards, that have been bred together with some ( restrainedly healthy ) regularity. Believe me the bitch is very much the dominant animal and always has been.

But since I too do not wish to come off as a defender of bestiality, I’ll leave it at that ;).

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Where did you hear that?

It was reported in a number of articles, including some on cnn.com. It wasn’t allowed to be admitted as trial evidence, if I recall correctly.

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