Anyone ever have sex with a pet?

I have heard that it is not all that uncommon for a person to have sex with a dog, cat, etc. I have never had sex with any animal and I don’t know anyone who has. Has anybody here ever had sex with a pet (or any animal)? Why did you do it? Was it a one-time thing?

No, but I did engage in heavy petting.

Unless you’re talking about Penthouse Pet of the month; NO!

I did however have one girl openly admit that she used to put peanutbutter on her uh, Well you know. Then have her dog lick it off.
I’m not sure whats worse; The fact that she openly admits this or that she actually used to do it!

Ha ha, NoClueBoy, but I would like to keep this serious.

I remember that a guy (or girl? I forgot which, now that I think about it) said s/he blew his/her dog once (or regularly, I forget which) on the last TMI thread [that I’ve seen], which was closing up around the time I joined the SDMB.

I’ve wondered the same thing–how many people actually do that–I haven’t, although I intentionally showed one of my cats my equipment once.

Does Paris Hilton count as a dog?

I had a friend who stuck her toe up her dog’s butt once. Does that count?

My goldfish Moe and I have been sharing long evenings together but have yet to take it to the “next level.”
He likes to tease…

Gather 'round kids! It’s time for the TMI thread!

Just a warning: I found it by searching for “golden retriever.”

Heh heh heh.

Sex with a pet would just seem too strange, what with no pigtails to hold on to.

Oh why did I open this thread?

Oh why did I open that link?


I have a blow up rubber sheep that I regularly service.

Does that count?

I assure you it is a ewe or is that eugh! :smiley:

Where did you hear this from? Am I hanging around the wrong (or, more correctly, the right) group of people? :wink:

What ever happened to oldscratch?

I didn’t. I’m learning, aren’t I? :slight_smile:

He’s living in Atlanta and from what I can tell is doing quite well. I’d be happy to pass on any messages to him.

I haven’t, but I have a friend who has. I am 100 % sure she has done the nasty with her dog at least once, and I’m NOT telling how I know.
The bestiality didn’t affect our friendship, but I try not to wear skirts when the dog’s around.

First it was sex with siblings.
Now we have sex with animals.
What’s next, sex with aliens?

This is the second IMHO-inappropriate thread of yours I’ve had to either move or close today. You can either get your mind out of the gutter, or you can move on.

Your call.