Sexual Fantasies

So I get home from work. I walk out to the back yard and see my wife floating face down in the pool. I turn around and a naked Jolene Blaylock steps up to me and whispers in my ear, ‘do you want a cold beer before your BJ?’.
I always seem to get this one after watching Enterprise.

Scott Peterson shared this same fantasy with Amber Frye

Wait a minute, is your wife dead? Or just swimming with her face down unaware of your proposition?

Is this a day dream or a sleeping dream?

W.t.f. ???

I frequently have dreams about Jolene Blalock, but my SO is never in them in any form. Funny thing, I’ve seen more of Jolenes flesh in the last month than I seen of my SOs in the last 2 years. Well not really funny… :frowning:

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this.

My stepdaughter is 17. She has four friends that are over at our house constantly. One of them looks so much like the first girl I ever went to bed with that it is scary.

And yes, I have fantasized. I am secure in my dirty-old-manhood.

Me and 2 Russian girls. My ex-girlfriend(a Russian girl) told me that she had had sex with her best friend(another Russian girl) once. I started to get idea’s after she told me that. I picture them laying side by side on a bed. I will be fingering both of them at once. Much more will happen, but I don’t want to get too descriptive.

I still see them on occasion. I believe it is still barely possible. I’m most likely just fooling myself though. Just keeping my dream alive.

I love Foreign girls. They don’t HAVE to be from Russian. That’s just the way I’ve always imagined it.