Sexy Bikini Romp Nets Fine for Vietnamese Carrier

On the occasion of its inaugural flight from Ho Chi Minh City to the southern coastal resort of Nha Trang, the budget carrier VietJet Air put on a bikini parade featuring beauty queens. Alas! They failed to obtain prior approval from the government and so were fined 20 million dong (US$960). (Insert joke about 20 million dongs here.)

Stoy here and here. More importantly, YouTube video here. Note all the guys with their cameras whipped out. I’m glad there was not a stampede that would have destabilized the flight. (But I’m wondering about the one following them after landing. What’s he up to?)

Kudos to the airline for livening up a boring trip! Was anybody offended? I sure would not be.

Wait, there’s an official procedure you have to follow to put on a midair swimsuit parade? Colour me dubious. I smell an official who’s just pissed off that he wasn’t on the flight.

Whoa. I totally misparsed that headline. :slight_smile:

I was wondering what kind of sexy bikini romp nets were fine for the carrier. The image was of a bevy of beauties on the beach hauling at nets made of bikinis…

“Me put seatback in upright position long time.”

That small fine bought a million dollars worth of publicity.

And yet, in my hundreds of thousands of miles none of MY carriers have thought of this.

In this Year of our Og 2012, we have lived to see a world where it’s more fun taking a flight over Vietnam than a domestic flight in the USA.


That’s a lot of dong for a buck.

Ya gotta love a country that measures its currency in dongs. :wink:

Yeah but they’re apparently very small dongs.

Thus the wide exchange rate. Takes a lot to equal a big American buck.

The size isn’t important, it just matters where you stick it.

“Charlie don’t surf!”

No, VietJet Air was very responsible. A less conscientious airline would have only hired one or two bikini dancers. VietJet Air made sure there were enough bikini dancers that they could cover the whole plane and nobody would have to leave their seats to enjoy the show.

Too bad the TSA won’t hire cuties dressed like that to do the searches.

After seeing this I would not be too sure of that any more . . .