Sexy shoes- any good sources online?

Okay, first off, I must admit that I have a problem.

I love the look of my wife’s feet and legs in sexy, strappy, high heeled shoes (and stockings…oh, dear) I don’t know that it goes as far as a fetish, but it’s close. I think that the proper pair of shoes can redefine the look of a woman’s entire body, and that my wife is especially seductive in heels.

That said, I would like to gift my wife some sexy shoes. She is partial to shoes with ‘chunky’ heels as opposed to stilletos (she’s under the illusion that she’ll be walking anywhere in them). I am a fan of both strappy heels as well as ‘chunky’ shoes.

So, I know that there are some of you folks that indulge in this sort of thing. Any ideas for online vendors? There seems to be no shortage, but I’d like some Doper help in narrowing the field.

And I suppose it goes without saying that I’m trying to avoid paying an arm and a leg.


You might try Bakers Shoes.

Check out Frederick’s of Hollywood. Lots of choices and not bad prices. Be sure and check out the sales. I got some very cute strappy sandals with six inch heels for about $15 from them once.

Try Nordstrom’s, either an actual store or their site:

Oh, and Candies:

Oooooh! Go Here!!!

Zappo’s has the best selection. You can sort by heel height, which is great. Check out Carlos Santana’s line. They’re so fucking cute, you can hardly stand looking at them.

Well, if she’s not going to go out in them, I suggest this slutty little number:

For really slutty shoes, try Fantasiawear. I’ve ordered from them in the past. Fredericks has a more limited selection but better prices. Pierre Silber had a pretty nice selection and good prices plus they go up to size 15 so you can get a pair for yourself as well. :slight_smile: Pinupgirl Clothing has got some really nice shoes but I’ve never bought from them. I’ve also had a lot of luck adding to my collection via Ebay. include “fetish” in your shoe search and you’ll get a lot of interesting stuff at really good prices…

My ex-girlfriend used to shop here.

I’ve had good experiences shopping with Dugan Brothers.

I will second the notion. I think their selection is second to none.

Now THAT’S some trampy footwear!

However, this season, the Carlos Santana selections aren’t quite up to the fantastic rep they built last year.