How do I find shoes I like?

I just went to the mall and went to every store that sells shoes and I kid you not I could not find shoes I liked. And I am not dreadfully picky, although I was this time looking for a specific set.

So what do I do? it seems like this is a bad year for shoes for me. Here is what I am looking for:

  • Black women dressy shoes
  • with a 1" to 2.5" heel
  • soft, both cushioned on the bottom, and the sides should be soft, too. Too many shoes have very stiff sides
  • and “minimal” shoe; that is, I would preferably like it to just cover my toes (no toe cleavage though, I hate that)
  • And probably the killer, Must be size 8 WIDE - 8.5 is too big and falls off my foot, and size 8 pinches my feet

Well, what I found was everything but! The heels in particular are annoying. I would have been flexible on a lot of those items, but I was determined to get a shoe with a little bit of a heel. I hate completely flat shoes; I don’t find them comfortable. But all they have are completely flat or 4" heels. No just no.

Help? Should I check Easy Spirit website? Naturalizer? Just bang my head on the desk until I change my mind about the kind of shoe I like?

Have you tried I’ve had very good luck with finding shoes on there, and their customer service is fantastic.

Hey, I’m an 8 wide too. I swear by Munro shoes (available from Nordstrom). I’m not a big heel fan, but they do have several styles – not sure if they’re “minimal” enough for you. Check out the Gigi or the Odette. Even if your size is not available online, Nordstrom can almost always order Munros for you.

May I suggest Shoedazzle?

I’m a 10W and my favorite brand for dress shoes is Naturalizer. If I need a pair of shoes that’s where I go first. Their outlet mall stores tend to have a pretty good selection, in addition to their “regular” mall stores, and their sizing is pretty consistent so I’ve had decent luck with buying online, on ebay, etc.

I would actually suggest Amazon. Although I love all the suggestions above too. I like that Amazon lets you select exactly what you are looking for - Heel Size, Shoe Size, Width, Color etc. When I needed to find a very specific pair of black heels for a friends wedding I found them there. AND I was able to specify price too, which helped! Good luck.

Oh, goodness, thank you all. I will sit down tonight at home and look through every site. You know, I love shoe shopping too - grr. Shouldn’t be like this!

I love Zappos - they ship very quickly and it’s not hard at all to narrow your search in multiple ways.

I’m with you, Anaamika. I’ve found that the more characteristics I have in mind, the less likely I am to find anything at all. If I need “a short-sleeve solid top to go with such-and-such skirt” then: bupkis.

Maybe instead of the mall, try a shoe-specific place like DSW brick-and-mortar store or something?

My sister highly recommends Beautifeel. She says they are amazingly comfortable and soft.

This is their website, but I’m having a heck of a time with the internet today, so I can’t check it out for you:

They even had a Shoe Warehouse! I will probably try DSW but if I can find them online, I am telling you, I am DONE with real live shopping. Grr.