SF Story ID

From a friend:

I remember a story in an 8th or 9th grade anthology which collected other classic stories like “The Lottery”. In this story there were alien life forms which were wispy, gauzy things, possibly called “veils.” They spend their time carving things. One of the veils thought about carving in color. The other veils surround and destroy him.

didn’t sound familiar to me, anyone have an idea?

Doesn’t ing a bell, but here’s a list of places “The Lottery” has been collected http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/title.cgi?41194

Thanks for the link but it doesn’t seem very comprehensive at all. There aren’t any textbooks or educational anthologies listed, and my friend recalls it as being in a book given out at public school. I doubt if my story can be found by virtue if an association with The Lottery – It is one if the most anthologized stories in American literature.

Any leads appreciated!

Could you provide a rough idea of when your friend was in 9th grade - that would narrow things down a bit.

It would have been in the mid-90s - in Michigan if that helps.

6th Edition of Norton Anthology of Short Fiction maybe?

Here’s the table of contents; I shamefully admit that I can’t recall a story synopsis for most of these stories even tho I’m pretty sure I’ve read them at one time or another.