Sha-boom (Life Could Be a Dream) Commercials

These two commercials are playing frequently in our market, sometimes during the same commercial break, and sometimes back-to-back:

NexGuard Chewables for dogs

Honda Accord

How often do commercials use the same song at the same time? Maybe these are produced by the same Ad company?

Granted, the versions are by different artists, but still.

I think if they were by the same agency, the last thing they would do would be to use the same tune.

So my vote is - coincidence, driven by the overall feel they were trying to create.

There are at least two commercials currently airing that use Come and Get Your Love–made relevant again, I’m sure, by Guardians of the Galaxy.

Imagine Dragon has had two of their songs - Believer and* Thunder *- used in multiple commercials and both appeared fairly quickly in ads after their release.

That “Feel it Still” song was in like 5 different commercials at least. Using current hits in commercials seems more prominent nowadays but I’m kind of surprised the ad companies don’t get some exclusive use deal at least temporarily.