Shabba Doo RIP

Adolfo “Shabba Doo” Quinones has died on the same day as Dawn Wells!

Reading about him on Wikipedia, he was born and raised in Chicago. A fellow Chicagoan!

I remember him from the original movie Breakin’. I really enjoyed it, but I never really remember seeing him in anything else.

Okay, 2020, we get it. You hate humanity.

I certainly recognize the name; he was often on TV a lot in the late '70s and early '80s. I associate him with Fred “Rerun” Berry, as I seem to recall that they appeared together a few times (and they were both members of the Lockers dance group).

I also now see that he was a dancer in Xanadu, and a successful choreographer.

aw man

RIP brother; you done good

But, who doesn’t, outside humanity?

RIP, Ozone :frowning_face: