Shackley(sp) vitamins

Is there any reason to believe that these vitamins are any better than regular vitamins that you could get at the store?

A relative of mine has started going on and on about these things and how they’ve been known to cure cancer, and how regular vitamins are full of artificial poisons. Honestly this whole thing sounds like a scam to me, but I’d like to see if there’s any info out there on this subject.

Basically the Amway of vitamins.

Spell it correctly and you’ll get hundreds of Google hits.

Shaklee’s homepage.

Probably no better than Amway. Same marketing methods.

My mom used some sort of Shacklee product when I was a little girl in my bathwater to help prevent urinary tract infections and soap-scum rings on the tub circa early '70s.

Ah, so it’s a pyramid scheme. That puts a new spin on it. Thanks.

First, I’m not a nutritionist.

There are two main schools of thought on vitamins. One says (a) if you eat a balanced diet, you probably don’t need vitamin pills at all, and (b) if you don’t eat right, a generic multivitamin pill will give you everything you need.

The other school of thought says you need to scarf down a fistful of individual pills every day, and buy them from us (and you can’t trust those other guys.) The folks in this school of thought are invariably selling expensive vitamins.

Taking the fistful-of-pills road will probably not hurt you physically, although a few vitamins can be dangerously overdosed. This approach will cause your wallet to lose weight, though.

Thanks AskNott. That’s the the thing that bothered me. I spent awhile on google, and at this point the only sites that push Shaklee as a superior vitamin source are the people that are selling it. A couple of places that say Shaklee is no better than regular vitamins are recommending their *own * brand instead.

I just wondered if there were any unbiased studies that compared Shaklee vitamins to more mainstream brands.