ShadowBane Guild!!

Please post if you are interested in joining the ShadowBane Guild Dark Army. We plan on getting the seed of life extremely fast and getting our city underway. We are trying to get into Beta Testing to see if we can get any info that would give us an edge. Post below if you are interested.

I smell MPSIMS.

Fairly strongly, in fact.

To the OP. Hasn’t beta been open for a few weeks now?

Even better… whatinhel are you talking about? Sounds like an everquest thing…

details, and be careful you don’t set off a Spam alarm!

Clickety-clack, snap, crunch.

That’s the sound a thread-closing padlock makes.

Eh. The “moved threads” thread is feeling neglected way back there on page 4, so rather than locking it I’ll just shoot it over to MPSIMS.