Shadows of Mordor: Is the DLC worth it?

I’ve been playing Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor pretty heavily over the past few weeks and am addicted to it. Currently I am at about 75% of the way through it and am shooting for 100%.

I am thinking about getting at least some of the DLC when I finish the main game. They are all $10 on Steam. Is it worth it? How much additional content do they add? What about the “season pass”, does it give you the DLC or is it a separate thing?

Oh yeah, and does anyone have tips for Tugor the Guardian? I have a special encounter mission to defeat him, and I just can’t get past him. He’s not on the Army of Mordor screen, so I can’t see his weaknesses. I can’t jump over him, can’t stun him, can’t hit with ranged attacks, etc. I can occasionally get behind him and hit him but he’s constantly surrounded by an endless stream of other orcs, so this is very difficult to do. Any advice to beat him would be appreciated.

Yes, the Season Pass is just all the DLC. I think they’re calling it the GOTY upgrade now.

Getting both DLCs for $10 is definitely worth it if you’re enjoying the game. Lord of the Hunt is just hilarious fun, and the Bright Lord part was good as well. Probably a little more grinding in the Bright Lord, but I enjoyed it.

Allright thanks for the info. I will check it out.

Fallout 4 took over so I took a break but I’ll check out the DLC later.

But Googling suggests that this guy is added with DLC (or someone with similar name). Are you sure you don’t already have some of it? IIRC some of the menus tell me I should get the DLC even though I already have it all as far as I know. Right click the game in Steam and View Downloadable Content to see. I have 20 different entries with the Season Pass (including one for the SP itself). It looks like Guardians of the Flaming Eye is the one that adds him.

Everything I view online suggests a hit and run approach from above. Use combat finishers. There are some videos if you check.

I think the version I got was the game of the year edition. Looking at the “DLC” page in steam, most of it seems to be in my library already… :smiley:
I can’t find some of the dlc that it says is in my library, like “the pit”, but I’ll have to poke around…

I did beat the main game this morning, got very close to 100%. All I am missing is the last hunting challenge (kill a horned graug), and one person under “people” in the archives.

Then I went back and fought Tugor again and managed to kill him. I picked off his buddies with bow headshots, then jumped down and drained him repeatedly. The “regular” drain, not the combat drain. When the rest of the mob showed up, I killed them quickly with flurry and execute (i have the rune that lets you do 2 executes in a row). When the mob was dispatched I went back to draining him until the next mob showed up. Rinse and repeat until dead. Sort of cheap, but hey, it worked.

I loved this game, I wish it had a hard mode, but I thought it was very well designed and a blast to play. Looking forward to playing the DLC.