And would you like to add $16,000 worth of DLC?

Just flipping around on Steam stupidly looking at more games, instead of playing any of the 25 so in progress ones I already have and can’t find enough time for.

Then I came across this.

Not a computer game exactly, but I was surprised when I hit he button to scroll through the DLC out of habit to see what all there was.

There was a lot :slight_smile: Can anybody beat a simple “Add all DLC button” worth 16K?

Eh, that’s not really fair - the “DLC” is about purchasing RPG campaigns. Like, that app is so complete you don’t even really have to purchase the scenario any more.
Also, as a PF DM who tried to not pay that shit ; but still try and do the whole digital battlegrounds thing : their shit saves so, so, SO much time. Like, you have no idea how long it takes to build an encounter on those virtual battlemat things ; it’s nuts. So why not just do physical battlemat things ? Well, because the guy who owned all the minis and half the battlemats followed his fucking girlfriend to happily live out permanent joblessness in US America because he’s skilled and experienced and not willing to pay for “internship”, how 'bout dat ?

heh, buy all the sims main games and expansions from 1-4 at full price :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like someone took the idea of gurps and put it online so its allegedly easier to play tho I do wonder if its easier to use than just making a Neverwinter nights module and playing out that way

lol, have you ever bought AD&D books? just the basic 5th ed starter sets are between 60-100 bucks and the supplements are about 30 bucks apiece … modules run about 15-30 and that’s just for a quick one-shot playthrough

The best thing about that set up is everything official as they take great pains to let everyone know all the rightful people ect are getting paid … so you dont run afoul of having “unofficial” stuff which was common back in the day

Nah it’s not like that. Each “DLC” is really a scenario or part of a campaign. It contains all you need to play that scenario out : a virtual battlemat ; the stats & visual art of each and every monster ; reminders of all the skill checks ; displayable player aids… it’s not a gaming system that can play every story (like GURPS), it’s more of an all-included box to let your favourite game play your most favourite scenario and you as a DM barely have to lift a mechanical finger.
Just do that thing you call “roleplaying” where you do the funny racist voices, the app will take care of 70% of the rest.

Train Simulator used to be the go-to for laughable amounts of DLC but I see that’s a svelte $10,000 compared to $16k. But, of course, the intent isn’t for you to buy every one of these any more than you’re supposed to buy one of everything in the gaming/hobby store.

This just in: $36.94 in DLC for something that isn’t even out yet!

With that sale you lose money not buying it!!!

(I’m not buying that crap.)

“$36 in DLC for a game that’s not out yet” describes about a bajillion “Season Pass” DLC packages for games still in pre-order :smiley:

At least most games which are in pre-order have an expected release date. This one only says “coming soon”.

It’s still no Star Citizen.

Tru dat. $27K in DLC for a game that may never be completely out.

Fantasy Grounds stuff DOES come up on Steam Sales.